What My Family Deals With From These People Plus Screenshots Below

What My Family Deals With From These People Plus Screenshots Below

Angel your own momma has said so many times she wished she never had you because you have been a problem for her your whole life. Just this year she said she wished your father had taken you with him. As a matter of fact, she has said that multiple times because of all the problems you caused.
I find it really funny that someone like you can write a post bashing someone and calling names but in this post asking God to please help that family they really need to learn to leave us be?? Then you say dear lord please please break it down for them? That is so ridiculous! Listen the good Lord sees what you people have done to my family and knows. People like you definitely aren’t living by the good Lord.
The sad part is yall are using the Lord and not really living by the word of the Bible. In that same post, you say I was a regret from the start well honey I didn’t ask to be born to the idiot mother of yours. She was a horrible mother who had an abortion before me I have that paper to back up my claim here. Your mother should’ve been sterilized and never been allowed to have children even though several people who know her said the same thing. What mother gives her 2 children away so she doesn’t have to take care of them? Heck, she barely took care of you everyone else has done that job for her.
🙄😂😂you talk about me bashing other drivers omg I don’t condemn people for half of what your mother does she blows that horn so many times at people that one day she will do it to the wrong person that won’t take a moron driver acting like she owns the road. I have several photos where she has stuck her nose in people’s business for parking in a fire lane Mind your business that’s what is wrong with your mother she minds everyone else’s business but her own. And what do my good driving skills have to do with this????? I mean at least I don’t pick up people who are known the the public for having weed and get stopped because you got weed!
A shame you smoke weed all the time and go to church on Sunday Act like you are religious but leave the church and live like Satan when you walk out the doors. Listen don’t y’all have enough going on with a murder? Y’all also say I’m dirt and scum well honey I hate to tell you are all the above scum and dirt. You’re nasty, you smell like piss and cigarettes the whole warehouse. Trashy people take that to your lawyer I can share the screenshot of what your momma said about wishing your dad had taken you with him. Take that to your lawyer who won’t take a petty case like this because it’s freedom of speech and expression.
peace out!!
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