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Hello and thanks for stopping by! Now that you’re here, let me start by introducing myself and my blogging career.

My name is Laurali. I am the sole owner and blogger of Laurali’s Blog & Reviews. I am 49 years old and I have two beautiful daughters and two amazing grandchildren. When I’m not blogging, I’m spending time with my grandchildren and family.

I began blogging in August of 2013 and have really enjoyed being able to become a part of the blogging industry. Being involved with blogging has given me many accomplishments to be proud of!

I started blogging after being diagnosed with a condition that will not allow me to work in a position outside of the home setting. Being able to complete reviews and blogging, has given me the ability to still be involved with the public without being in person.

In my spare time, a hobby I enjoy is making hair bows. I love being able to use different patterns and styles to make cute bows for cute girls!

Public Relations Information:

Please feel free to email me at laurali@lauralisblogs.com with any questions or interest you may have. I check my email frequently and will respond in a timely manner. I enjoy blogging about children’s toys, technology, electronics, fashion items, and furniture, but I am open to other types of reviews.

Since I am currently the only blogger at Laurali’s Blog & Reviews, there may be a time when I will have to decline an offer. As a company of interest, please review the following guidelines that I have.


1. I spend a lot of time taking pictures and making posts regarding each item. I also spend lots of time sharing the posts on media outlets related to the item(s). Because of this, it may take a few days before the posting is available for live viewing.

2. I am very honest regarding the item and will make sure my opinion of the item is expressed accordingly. By doing so, if any issues are expressed with any product, a representative from the company will be contacted prior to the postings.


I received the items in this post as complementary to share my honest and unbiased opinion of products (unless otherwise stated). All opinions expressed on this page are those solely of Laurali’s Blog & Reviews. Thank you for your interest!


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