We had A Great Day With Family

We had A Great Day With Family



We had a family Sunday we went out to eat in Camden, S.C. We are always hearing of some great places to eat. My husband use to work with some great guys that have told us of some good places to eat so we all went to a good restaurant. We use to do that all the time we would go to different places and shop and eat out with family. After we ate we had to go to Walmart of all places because you can’t go anywhere without checking out the sales because all Walmart stores have different sales and we found some good sales there today. Heck, then it was time to come home to get things ready for the week. 


See we as a family stick together and are there for the other that is what family does. Before I had allowed the bio-mother back into my family lives things were so good we never had any drama other than someone not agreeing on where to eat mostly but nothing ever to the point that things have been for almost 2 months straight. See I hate that I put my children, and grandchildren in harm’s way I knew in the back of my mind that some things were off but I tried to tell myself differently had I listened to my heart what it was warning me this all wouldn’t have happened and my family here wouldn’t have been affected by things that were done and said. We survived the drama and made a lot of promises that I wouldn’t allow those people back into our lives. This literally was the 4th time and for my peace of mind along with my family we have closed that door permanently it’s closed and will not ever open again. At the end of the day, I’m 100% good with it because we won’t have upset in our lives or drama. I actually have someone that is wanting to adopt me I know what you’re thinking you are a 53 yr old but hell those people can be adopted too there is no age limit on that.  I think it would be pretty awesome that would change my birth certificate which I’m good with because my bio-father was never involved and I don’t speak to the bio-mother so it would be a very good start for me. Sometimes you have to change things to make things better for yourself and a fresh start is best for me at this point in my life.  


I absolutely love my children, grandchildren, and my husband more than life itself and when they are hurt I hurt.  I was a mother at 17 years old to my oldest daughter she and I grew up together but I remember she was so smart. Then I had my second daughter at 18 years old then I got to watch both my very smart and intelligent daughters grow up together with me. People use to say that I was too young to have them but what they didn’t understand I get to enjoy life with them now even at 53 years old. I get to enjoy my grandchildren and not have to worry about a walker, or just being too tired to do anything. So the way I see it I was a lucky grandma! Some grandmas are this lucky to be able to enjoy the times with their children and grandchildren. But the thing about it is time robs everybody time doesn’t stand still and wait for you to decide you have to take the leap because if not your time has been robbed from enjoying those moments. 


My family and I are taking back our family and we will never allow anyone to cause any trouble between us or anyone in our family to be harmed. We aren’t the type to sit and deal with drama, blackmail, threats, stalking, etc… We as a family decided we will live our lives and don’t care what others think about us. But I will say this part the Good LORD sees the ugliness that was done and all the people that were brought into that drama and all I can say is you will have to answer to the Good LORD on what was presented.  The Good LORD is the final judge of who gets into Heaven. I have never portrayed myself as a bonified Christian because of the terrible confusion with religion growing up. I believe in the LORD but I will do my own thing about it I don’t need anyone to preach to me what I should do or read as I’m not a child anymore. I bought myself a new Bible a few months ago and do Bible courses online as well as the photography school I’m working on. I have been working on my degree in Photography for the last year so that is a positive for me and no I don’t cheat I read the books and take my exams. 


I’m going to focus on the story of my life here because I was offered a book deal but haven’t decided yet I definitely am thinking about it because it’s my life story. Before anyone gets upset I don’t name people in my story if I do it’s either the ones that are deceased because there aren’t any rules breaking on that part. Sometimes it’s the best way to show what happened to you in your life. I have learned some hard lessons from 1994-2023 to not continue to allow people to push me around or use me. People will have their own opinions about me but I truly don’t care as I’m a good person always have been. People that are like that don’t support me, don’t pay my bills, and they definitely don’t walk a day in my shoes. People think I sit around all day and do nothing but my days are full of appointments for my husband not to mention appointments for my animal’s health care, and cooking yes I surely do cook not to mention some people claimed my house smelled so bad that they couldn’t stay inside but everyone that has ever come into my home always say it smells so nice and that isn’t even telling them about the horrible drama that has happened. They always say what it smells like and they are correct lavender air fresheners are always full. 


My house is always cleaned but it isn’t perfect at all but I don’t have bugs so it’s not nasty. Sure I have 3 birds and one might poop on the floor I may not see it at first but that’s a normal thing when you have parrots unfortunately that’s the life of birds. But growing up I lived with someone that was very OCD and when I grew up I took that same horrible trait which can destroy any relationship because people are too perfect and only see everything as a disaster and not in their proper place. My husband hated that he said I would rather have a cluttered house than for me to continue to stress about how clothes were folded, dishes stacked perfectly, scrubbing the floors and dusting every day and I was one of those people. It took me going through therapy to realize those things aren’t going to matter if I didn’t do them repeatedly it took me 2 years to finally let it go and at that point it was clutterville but hey I found things better that way believe it or not. I guess the point is I’m happy with myself and my way of doing things. This may not be for everyone but it’s good for me. I got one of those password boxes to put my spare keys to my home in because where I had it wasn’t a good place at all. But I will do the review on it here because this thing also has a camera on it when it is really different. With these times when the world has gone absolutely nuts with people, you definitely don’t want to have your spare keys laying around anywhere. The review will be within a month.


Now onto telling about my Diabetes & weight loss, I started taking Ozempic in June for 4 weeks and it was 0.25mg and I lost 3 pounds yeah that’s not a lot but the whole 4 weeks it was working great because I have been losing inches in the waist even my clothes have been feeling baggy on me. See my doctor stated that my pancreas was storing insulin and was causing me to bloat badly so since I have been taking these shots every week all that bloating is gone. So now I started the 0.5mg Saturday and within an hour my appetite was GONE and I only ate 1 time Saturday day and 1 time Sunday. But my blood sugar is completely under control. I also use the Dexcom which I don’t have to stick my finger 3-4 times a day. The Dexcom you were for 10 days and change it out to a new sensor I wouldn’t trade this for anything I always have real-time readings of what my blood sugar is and when it is too high or too low it will alarm you. I experienced something yesterday that I haven’t had in years which was a straight nose bleed. I woke up and as soon as I got up it started pouring I was like what in the world where did this come from. My husband thinks it was my blood pressure but who knows I shoved tissue in my nose and went on about what I was doing. I rarely ever stay down if I don’t feel good I keep going because I have my husband I take care of so I don’t have time to slow down. We are going to do his surgery for his weight loss and also his health will never get better but he will be able to do more but will never be able to go back to work.  We both are working on our health for the better and if we stay fat who cares we are the only two that care what we look like we don’t care what others think about what we look like or whether we are fat or skinny. 


Well, I will post in a few days I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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