Unicorns Radz Twist Candy Dispensers

Unicorns Radz Twist Candy Dispensers5

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Are you searching for a super perfect candy dispenser for your kid? Do you want to buy a candy dispenser that is also a toy? Unicorns Radz Twist Candy Dispensers are the best item on the market. It is both a cute toy and a candy dispenser that will enhance your child’s fun for just a few bucks

Unicorns Radz Twist Candy Dispensers are one of the best items you can dazzle your kids with this season. They come in several designs and colors in blind bags that keep you on your toes until you open it to know which type you got.

Unicorns Radz Twist Candy Dispensers are packed with a mini poster, candy, and a collector’s booklet. One of the things you would find fascinating about this item is that the mini posters feature the particular unicorn you get, and the posters may not be the same for a character. Meanwhile, there are different types of characters in white, yellow, purple, pink, and blue colors.

The Unicorns available include Lilly Pie (white), Star Light (Blue), Sweet Heart (yellow), Butter Cup (purple), and a mysterious one. Each of these characters comes with a 0.7oz bag of special Radz Unicorn candy.

The characters contain a top and a bottom. When you fill these characters with candy, they are secure and will not slide open on the own. To fill the character with candy, twist off the top and fill the bottom half with candy; there is a slider you can click close after filling with candy.

The candy is not gummy but hard, and it is a blend of sweet and tangy. Its flavors include Cherry Shine, Gumdrop Swirl, Fruit Shimmer, and Betty Sparkle.

Amazingly, you can interchange the tops of the characters as you collect more Radz Twistz. Just mix and match it to create another unique character you can give a cute name while still carry your lovely candy.

Buy Unicorns Radz Twist Candy Dispensers to be stylish when carrying your candy and have it available whenever you want without hassles. Collect these characters and give to your relatives and friends to have candy at their fingertips.

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  1. OmG best thing in the world! I have to say I love Unicorns and they are so cute

  2. That looks like so much fun. My kids are obsessed with unicorns and ponies.

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