Ricilar’s CR612 4K +2K Front & Rear DashCam


Are you searching for a top-of-the-line dashcam that provides both front and rear footage? Do you want to have a real-time recording of your driving and surrounding with a reliable dashcam for cars and trucks? Do not search further; Ricilar’s CR612 4K +2K Front & Rear DashCam is the perfect dashcam that meets your needs.

Ricilar’s CR612 4K +2K Front & Rear DashCam is a dashcam designed to improve overall safety both on the road and parking lot. This amazing dashcam is best suited for cars and trucks to capture what happens on the road both in front and behind the vehicle.

CR612 gives you a complete record of what happens around you whenever you are behind the wheel. In case of an accident or unforeseen event thought to be your fault, the CR612 dashcam will be highly invaluable to clear up things.



  • 4K Front Camera
  • 2K Rear Camera
  • GPS
  • Wifi
  • G-sensor and Emergency Lock
  • WDR and HDR Technology
  • Dual Wide Angle Lens
  • Simultaneous front and rear recording up to [email protected] for high-resolution recording


Special Features of Ricilar’s CR612 4K +2K Front & Rear DashCam

Here are some of the features of Ricilar’s CR612 dashcam:


  1. Accurate Records

CR612 dashcam seamlessly captures both front and rear footage of the vehicle. You can confidently revert to the recordings to clarify issues surrounding the happenings on the road or parking lot.


  1. Wide Angle Camera Lens for The Best Resolution

The front camera comes with a 170-degree field of view recording up to 4K video quality and a 140-degree field of view recording without missing events beside you. The dual dash cam can capture up to 30 frames per second (fps) per both 4K and 2K cameras. This guarantees high-quality resolution, revealing license plates and road signs.


  1. G-sensor and Emergency Lock

The footage being recorded is protected against being overwritten in case of changes in the vehicle’s gravity as detected by the G-sensor or impact. The video gets locked and saved.


  1. Loop Recording

The oldest viewed or unlocked footage gets automatically overwritten to free up the memory card. You do not have to delete old videos manually.


  1. Screen Saver, Continue Recording

You can set the dashcam to the screen saver mode while still recording. This will reduce or turn off the screen brightness. You can concentrate on driving without looking into the driving recorder.



Why Buy CR612 4K +2K Front & Rear DashCam?

The following are some of the reasons why you should install a CR612 dashcam in cars and trucks:

  1. Monitor first-time or new drivers
  2. Record firsthand accident evidence
  3. Capture and document road trips and scenic landscapes
  4. Present dashcam footage for insurance claims
  5. Record the activities surrounding the vehicle at a parking lot
  6. Enhanced safety at parking lots



Buy Ricilar’s CR612 4K +2K Front & Rear DashCam Now!

Order your Ricilar’s CR612 4K +2K Front & Rear DashCam today and experience peace of mind and safety.

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  1. Shakeia Rieux says

    The DashCam has a lot of great features! I really do need to invest in one of these!

  2. wen budro says

    This looks like a great product. I love the features that it provides. DashCams are an important safety device to have when you have small children and pets.

  3. Rachael DeBates says

    Looks like quite good one

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