Pratt Standard Cocktail Co. Syrups for Christmas & Thanksgiving

Are you looking for the perfect syrups to make your Thanksgiving and Christmas tasteful and nourishing? Do you want to have your favorite cocktails close by for the holidays? Do not stress out; Pratt Standard Cocktail syrups are your perfect options. Pratt Standard Cocktail Company offers a wide variety of syrups for your pleasure and nourishment.

Choosing any of the syrups by Pratt Standard, you can never go wrong. You would be able to please your guests and family with tasty and delicious cocktails that will make the holidays memorable and fun-filled. If you are looking for different syrups you can have with your family and friends, here is an extensive collection from Pratt Standard Cocktail Company.


  1. True Ginger Syrup

True Ginger Syrup is the perfect cocktail you can lay your hands on if you are a lover of ginger. It is prepared from whole ginger roots and natural evaporated cane juice. It is carefully prepared to give you the best taste and experience without altering the natural ginger taste. Pratt Standard Cocktail Company uses 100% natural ingredients for the best taste and experience.

  1. True Tonic Syrup

You cannot resist the taste of this all-natural corn syrup that this free from artificial flavors. It is made from high-quality ingredients – the real source of quinine that guarantees true bitterness without synthetic additives. All the ingredients and spices used for making True Tonic Syrup are handpicked for quality, purity, and organic flavor. You can mix the syrup with any other drinks for a more pleasurable taste.

  1. True Rich Simple Syrup

True Rich Simple Syrup is made from raw demerara sugar that resembles the sugar most used in the cocktail industry in the late 19th century. The syrup is better than the refined sugar used today and also has more molasses. It is free of chemicals. It is best for your homemade cocktail as you get to use only a little quantity if you are looking for a perfect alternative for maple syrup.

  1. True Grenadine Syrup

Made from natural pomegranate juices and cane sugar without corn syrups or dyes, True Grenadine Syrup is sweet and tart. It is free from artificial flavoring, and it can be used to make different kinds of cocktails. Pratt Standard Cocktail Company focuses on giving you complete taste and experience.


  1. Cranberry Orange

Inspired by the Thanksgiving cranberry sauce, Cranberry Orange is made from cranberry juice, fresh orange zest, and premium fair-trade organic cane sugar for fruity and tasty syrup.

  1. Earl Grey Vanilla

Earl Grey Vanilla is made from whole-leaf Earl Grey Tea, whole vanilla beans, and organic cane sugar. It is available seasonally.


Why Buy Pratt Standard Cocktail Syrups?

Here are some of the reasons for buying Pratt Standard Cocktail Syrups for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays:


  1. A wide variety of syrups for your favorite cocktails
  2. All made from natural and organic ingredients
  3. No artificial additives and flavoring
  4. Up to 12 months of refrigerated life
  5. Best value for money.



Place an order for your favorite Pratt Standard Cocktail Syrups for the memorable Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Gift these syrups to your family and loved ones. These are the best natural syrups in a long while. Also, head over and check out Pratt Standard Cocktail Syrups social media links below.

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