Online Harassment: Unwanted Dislikes From Biological Mother & Daughter

Online Harassment: Unwanted Dislikes From Biological Mother & Daughter

I feel the need to share just how much the biological mother and her daughter dislike me. They have even gone as far as hitting the thumbs-down button on my website posts. To me, this is a clear form of harassment, especially since they have also removed their “love” reactions from my posts on Facebook. This has been an ongoing issue for almost a year now. What’s even more concerning is that they have driven by my house multiple times, caught on camera in their white truck. Despite having everything they need in the larger town of Camden, they make it a point to drive 36 minutes out of their way just to come to my small town and cause drama by spreading rumors, shopping at our town Walmart, or eating at restaurants we eat at often about me.

I share my thoughts and content on both here and on Facebook, but I tend to post more memes on Facebook. The biological mother and her daughter have taken to printing out my blog posts, emailing them to others, and sharing them on Facebook. I am aware of who these people are and have kept records of every person they have shared the posts with, including emails where the posts were forwarded. One was even faxed to a lawyer’s office. Some might call this harassment and stalking at this point.

I am confused by these relentless individuals who continue to stalk and harass me. It has been happening for a year now, and back in 2000, it went on for three years before finally stopping (except for public encounters). The biological mother would come up to us with a camera whenever we saw her at Big Lots in Florence not to include the encounters we had with her looney daughter at the Florence Flea Market, and there were two instances involving the sheriff when the daughter tried to hit my husband and me with her car. Now that my children are grown and have their own families, we no longer have cameras shoved in our faces; instead, we get random drivebys on our road we live on and it’s not on the way to their house so there are no excuses for her on my road at all not just that she drives 36 miles to come to my small town to shop at Walmart and eat at restaurants we eat at. What’s even more shocking is that the biological mother, who is nearly 73 years old, continues to engage in these childish games. Isn’t she too old for this? And not only that, but she has also taught her almost 41-year-old daughter to do the same to others without any consequences. She never gets her hands dirty – she lets her daughter, grandson, or anyone else she can manipulate do it for her. Just ask her ex-husband or me; we know firsthand. I also know that her own parents wouldn’t approve of how she has treated her own children or how she constantly speaks ill of my grandparents, whom she claims were alcoholics and abusive towards each other. But as someone who knew them personally, I can confidently say that’s not true – so one has to question the veracity of anything she says or does to make herself look better than where she came from.

I want to talk about a recent incident on TikTok involving the biological mother and her daughter who have trolls that constantly monitor my social media activity. One of these trolls even had the audacity to follow me on TikTok, and when I checked their list of followers, and discovered Michelle who was the one who had created a fake Facebook account just to harass me. In February 2024, I posted screenshots of this person’s threatening behavior toward me after she spoke negatively about me and my family. When I responded by mentioning her cancer, she got upset and tried to enlist others to harass me as well. However, I wasn’t bothered because these people are nothing but redneck hillbillies who should stay in their own lane instead of invading my social media platforms and blog posts. Just a reminder, I can track all visitors to my website and share this information with the biological mother and her daughter, so anyone snooping around could find themselves involved in legal consequences. My lawyer has access to all this data as well. This whole situation could have been avoided if the daughter hadn’t begged for false letters praising her son’s character, when in reality he was a disrespectful person who often cursed at his grandmother. This poor parenting is likely what led him to end up facing murder charges now. The grandmother always let him do whatever he wanted and never allowed any male role models to discipline him or teach him how to speak to women or not commit murder. I stand by what I said because it’s true, and if that bothers anyone, then so be it. Many people have also come forward with stories of how the biological mother and daughter have treated them poorly over the years, despite their claims of having no enemies and being good friends for over 50 years – which definitely contradicts what some have shared with me personally.

To Be Continued!

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