Once Again The Bio-Mother Is Up To Her Ridiculous Lies

Once Again The Bio-Mother Is Up To Her Ridiculous Lies 

This all started up again on August 8th when I wrote a post on Facebook about a teddy bear that was shipped to me not the bio-mother by her own sister who lives in another state. Now to explain about this teddy bear my aunt took a blanket that was her grandmother’s blanket and had a teddy bear made out of the blanket. So that would make her grandmother my great-grandmother she thought it would be nice to have something sentimental that belonged to my great-grandmother. I have the letter my aunt sent with the teddy bear.

Below is the Facebook post that I posted.

Once this post went up the bio-mother decided to clap back with some nonsense. I’m going to post the screenshots here because I want people to understand what I deal with from her. I’ve had some say just don’t say anything and maybe she will stop but see that doesn’t happen with the bio-mother. See way back in 2002 I had stopped talking to her because she is a very controlling and manipulative person. If she isn’t in control she will make your life a LIVING HELL! I dealt with her and her daughter harassing me in emails, Myspace, and Xanaga websites where I had blog posts. It even went as far as harassing me on Yahoo Messenger where I had to go invisible to be online because I would be harassed by the bio-mother and her daughter. I have folders full of proof I will also post to show this is a pattern with her. The only difference now there is Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and so much more to harass people on. Social media platforms don’t control when people use others’ photos without permission and the other problem I have noticed is Facebook is the worst about it other adults use your grandchildren’s photos and post them to their Facebook and when you report them and prove they didn’t have rights to the photos of MINOR CHILDREN Facebook fails and states its OKAY! But I was reading online about people removing photos of my family. What to do if someone posts pictures of you online? A friend or family member posts your image.
Most of the pictures taken by your friends or family members are posted without harmful intentions. But when they keep bad company it puts my family in danger period! Therefore, the best action to take is to request that they remove any images that involve your family such as my grandson, granddaughter, both daughters, my husband, and myself.

I want to make something very clear I don’t stretch or distort things I tell the facts and the truth something that others need to take notes on. Not sure why she thinks I’m obsessed with her because they clearly are keeping tabs on what I post and immediately clap back from the moment my post go up. Now mind you she has me blocked and I have her daughter and grandson blocked on social media but they use fake accounts and come after me and my daughters. Now onto something I posted in June after my life was literally threatened I posted it on here with what her daughter wrote about having people come after me on my own property and they didn’t care about my security cameras they take care of people like me is what she said. Then she goes on to state they would get me in public that her people didn’t care about the law or cameras yeah those kinds of people. So I contacted my local law enforcement and they read what she wrote and made the report and stated that if anything happened to me she would be the person of interest because of what she wrote. Now I have a CWP I was trained to protect myself the right way, not some country hillbilly way. Do I carry YES especially after my life was threatened? 
So the bio-mother decides to explain why she wears a body camera while she works at a Trash Dump Site. Now I have heard the way she talks to people and sounds so hateful over dumping trash I mean seriously it’s just TRASH! But back to her being so rude I even told her a couple of times she sounded really mean to these people. Then she had a woman that from what the bio-mother claimed threatened her so she and her husband bought body cameras. Why would you have to have a body camera? 
Have you ever read someone’s post on Facebook and can read through the BS lies they tell?  Well, this is one of those people that proclaims to be a Christian and goes to church on Sundays and Wednesdays. These same people go on social media and bash you for everything you are worth down to making false accusations about me stating I stole something when I NEVER DID SUCH THING! The thing is I wouldn’t want no part of a church that condones what she is doing to the point of lying about me and my family. Then she will say she will pray for us we don’t want any prayers from her or her family because the way I see it she is SATAN in Sheep’s clothing and her prayers are nothing but pure EVIL. The bio-mother has accused all of her children of stealing. I remember as far back as when my sister Jaime was accused of stealing the bio-mothers VHS movies, and some other things, and Jaime was accused because the bio-mother and her were arguing. The first thing the bio-mother did was blame her for everything that was gone. My ex-husband was even accused of supposedly stealing a hat when he came to visit my small children while we were going through a divorce the bio-mother accused him but wouldn’t tell him to his face because she knew better but she gave me HELL about it but he didn’t still it but of course I got the blame back then too. Not to mention when I was driving from Chesterfield to Florence to water her plants and take care of things she asked me to help her and was supposed to leave gas money and forgot ONE day and told me to get $10 in quarters from her husband’s jug of money so I did from that point on she has accused me of stealing photos, items that she has given me from childhood to adulthood. It has been nonstop with the constant accusations. Now mind you during the time I started talking to her again in June of 2013 this subject wasn’t even brought up. But since I stopped talking to her on June 13, 2023, the threats and accusations have returned and she keeps saying the same things over and over again about those supposed photos she claims I stole which is insane. Because when I lived behind her she went through photos and threw her own mother’s funeral photos in the trash amongst other photos. The bio-mother gave both me and my sister photos of us both as children but now she is claiming I stole Jaime’s photos as well HELL a lot of Jaime’s photos were in a box with all of Jaime’s belongings she already had but yet I’m being accused of stealing those as well. As for her other raggedy daughter, I don’t have no photos that belong to her so try again I wouldn’t want any photos of her! I also want to make something else clear about the bio-mother she accused 2 other people that were staying in her house taking care of her daughter of supposedly stealing from her so she makes claims about anyone that ever comes in contact with her house. This same daughter stole from her own brother right under his nose and when he asked her about she lied but ended up having the hair ties she had stolen from his truck. Yeah, I knew about it because her father told me about he even said she had sticky fingers and he didn’t know where she learned to steal but he was definitely not going to put up with it.  Heck, just last year she made a claim that her daughter and grandson found the money she supposedly had hidden in her purse and they found it and stole it and the other one took more from what the text message stated she sent. It blows me over with the insane mess she says about people.
I was thinking about something today how the bio-mother dumped her daughter off on everyone as she was growing up all to stay on the road as a truck driver with her husband. See I wasn’t keeping that daughter we already knew she was the bad seed. The bio-mother had her friends keep her then they fell out because again the daughter was out of control and being told she didn’t have to do what the adults told her to do same crap she would do to me but tell the daughter she is your sister you don’t have to do what she says so at that point HELL NO I wasn’t keeping that brat. Then she had my cousin keep her and hell she had problems out of that daughter. Then her own father was keeping her but his forms of punishment could be bad depending on the situation and if he had been drinking. There were times my sister Jaime tried to help with that daughter to help her mother out and those were really rough for my sister Jaime she was all about family but when it came to that one daughter they would have words and my sister Jaime would call and tell the bio-mother you have to come get her she is out of control. I have several letters from Jaime during that time that the daughter was there and Jaime would call me sometimes and tell me that the daughter was driving her crazy she wouldn’t listen and talked back and would tell my sister Jaime I don’t have to do what you say. Like this daughter was brought up by her mother to disrespect every adult! Some people should’ve had children because they weren’t ever good parents to start off with. My thing is society ends up dealing with the effects of bad parenting from children being unruly, stealing, murdering, and lying they have learned to survive because it’s what the parent has taught them to do.  So now that the adult daughter is still disrespectful to everyone because she was brought up like that bad parenting 101 no doubt. 
I raised my children to be good adults and to be able to make it in this crazy upside-down world. My children were working when they were children at the skating rink and made money and learned the true value of money. When they turned 16 years old they started working normal jobs and getting their high school diplomas and they both graduated high school. My children are mothers and support their children. My daughters have worked hard for what they have in life it has never been just handed to them they have worked for everything they have. My daughters have always followed the law and never been in trouble with the law other than a speeding ticket or a seatbelt ticket and hell who hasn’t had one of those in your life. But I swore I would never bring my daughters up like I was they had a good childhood it wasn’t perfect I will not lie. Do all parents go through that part with their children becoming adults and living their lives YES but I don’t control their lives they are grown and do their own things in life. My daughters are the type if I called they would be here to help me the same way I am towards them I help them in any way I can but I don’t control their lives they are adults and we respect each other’s boundaries.  If I had it my way both my daughters would be living on my property that way we all would be closer. 
I want to address something the bio-mother posted about me that was a BOLD FACE LIE she stated that I have problems all over the place JUST WOW! We decided that since our local dump site is hardly ever open and the cost of driving further to throw trash away, it was cheaper to just get trash service. So yes, I have had a trash can in my yard for the last 5 years, so why is this all of a sudden an issue? I tell you why because the bio-mother makes up so much to get attention from her list of Facebook, church, and work friends to gain attention.   It’s frustrating to see how she fabricates stories just to make herself look better, and in doing so, she convinces her friends to believe her false accusations. However, the truth is that I have only had one issue at my local trash site, which I addressed by reaching out to his boss to ensure that the necessary assistance was provided for other people that are disabled or older people.
Then the bio-mother goes after my disabled veteran husband because he receives benefits because he was in the military. It really takes a low-life person to attack a disabled veteran.  As for the benefits my husband receives every month here are the facts he told me to put for you because you clearly have him blocked he has posted about this too. 40 plus years of working and becoming disabled he qualified for one and signed up to guarantee the freedom of the country. It creates earned benefits he deserves none of these benefits were free he EARNED THEM! The same person that posted this bash’s VETERANS NOW. But this same person saying that about my husband her and her husband receiving SSA checks heck she is receiving her ex-husband’s SSA benefits because she claimed her other ex-husband didn’t pay in for her to get benefits. Her husband receives VA care also but she is going to bash someone else for the things they get also. How does someone bash people like this? I wonder if there are any veterans in her church? I mean what has this world come to that people think it’s okay to bash people that served our country or who are disabled! See the bio-mother likes to go after people who are in my family whether it’s my daughters, my husband, or myself. The bio-mother has issues and someone really needs to get her the help she needs at this point. 
Then she posted on August 12, 2023, making claims again that someone stole her photos. The thing that gets me about her is she claims I stole all her photos from when she was younger to her daughter Jaime and the other raggedy daughter photos. I got to say she has become an old broken record to continue to repeat herself over something I don’t have and never stole! It’s funny she has brought boxes on top of boxes here to my house with things she didn’t want at her house and some of it I finally went through and that is when I found the calendar notes she had kept writing bad things about everyone SMH. The thing that got me while reading them she put my sister Jaime down and me many times! The notes that she kept were ridiculous and insane. Things she gave me that I gave back she wrote on the back of the item and dated it who does that?? I’m asking for a friend. I will never be silent again with the bio-mother because for years I stayed silent and put up with her crap of bullying me, and harassing me online and in public never again will I allow her to have that ability to silence me.
It truly gets old defending myself and my family to this bio-mother. She is like a bad case of diarrhea it just keeps coming every day. I will never ever open this door again I have learned my lesson well with this bio-mother she never changed and never will. I’m a better person without her in my life remember you can’t miss something you never had in life right well that is me. I’m going to end this one here for a few days because I’m working on 3 other posts at the same time.
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