Olympia Tools’ service carts

Are you looking for high-quality and sturdy service carts? Are you searching for high-end carts that can meet your needs? Do not search further; Olympia Tools’ service carts are the perfect choice for you. They are designed to meet all kinds of use, such as domestic, office, and industrial use.

Olympia Tools 85-189 and Olympia Tools 85-188 are specially designed service carts that are easily collapsible with wheels for the hassle-free carriage of items. These services carts are lightweight, durable, and attractive. The design and materials used in the fabrication of the carts focus on durability, performance, and safety of the users.

If you are looking for a cart to store or move stuff around, Olympia Tools are the right service carts to try out. They are sturdy, compact, and take little storage space when not used. They are out-of-box products that will exceed your expectations. Whether you choose Olympia Tools 85-188 or Olympia Tools 85-189, they have the following endearing features you cannot ignore.

1. Pre-assembled
The two models of service carts are pre-assembled. So, you only have to take them out of the box and use immediately without the hassles of looking for tools to assemble them.

2. Quality
The design and fabrication of these service carts are top quality. They are made of sturdy metal, aluminum, and metal parts. They are high-quality carts that are capable of hauling more than 65lb stuff or item.

3. Storage
Olympia Tools 85-188 and Olympia Tools 85-189 can be folded up when not in use to a manageable and portable size of 15 inches by 8 inches.

4. Mobility
The service carts have rubber swivel wheels with secure locking bars.

5. Multi-purpose
These service carts can be put to a wide variety of use during team events, office use, family events, etc.

6. Travel
The Olympia Tools 85-188 and Olympia Tools 85-189 are lightweight and can be folded up and transported in car trunks when traveling without any hassles.

The fantastic feature of the service carts is their durability. They are constructed from high quality and durable materials.

Why Buy Olympia Tools Service Carts?
Here are some of the reasons you should buy Olympia Tools service carts:
1. Avoid carrying heavy items that can affect your spine and cause an accident.
2. Carry several items (especially heavy-duty items) at once and safety.
3. The carts can be used as a filing cabinet, bookcase, etc. when not used to transport items.
4. Olympia Tools are an indispensable item for offices, sites, homes, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

Save yourself the hassles of carrying heavy loads when you can wheel them in service carts without breaking a sweat. Invest in a service cart today to keep yourself safe from stress and accidents related to lifting or carrying heavy loads. Also, check out Olympia Tools’ social media links below.

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