Maximus Smart Security Light – Coach

Maximus Smart Security Light – Coach2

Days of having your home burgled without any alert to prevent the incidence have long gone. Nothing compares to leaving your home and being able to keep tabs on the movements around your house in real-time. This is made possible by Maximus Smart Security Light.
In the wake of insecurity all around, it is expedient that you take advantage of the growing technology to secure your home. Maximus Smart Security Light is a topnotch, state-of-the-art home security solution. It is an integration of a security camera with an outdoor lighting fixture.
Maximus Smart Security Light comes with an in-built HD camera that detects motion and sends an alert to the homeowner with a live feed of your entrance. The light fixture sends live feeds to you and can see your home from your smartphone in crystal clear, high definition videos.
The perfect security focuses on prevention, and these beautiful lighting fixtures offer your home maximum security leveraging on cutting-edge technology. The in-built cameras on the fixtures have artificial intelligence that detects motion, through the person and car detection technology. Through the cameras, you get to see anyone at your gate or doorstep, which enables you to call 911 for help, in case the guests are unwanted.

Why You Need Maximus Smart Security Light?
1. 24/7 HD Live Feeds
Maximus Smart Security Light provides 24/7 protection by providing live feeds of your home without any failure. You get to see persons or intruders into your home as they come in through the effective motion detection features of the product.

2. Aesthetics Lighting Fixtures
Maximus Smart Security Light comes in different designs that are aesthetically appealing and look good on your home, irrespective of the home’s architectural design.

3. Excellent Picture and Video Quality
The in-built camera is high-quality and gives crystal clear picture unlike most that fuzzy. You get to see the faces of your visitors.

4. Full Control from the Smartphone
You can view live feeds from your smartphone, communicate with guests by the door, turn on and off the smart lights in your home, and download recorded footage, and much more.

5. Easy to Install
Maximus Smart Security Light comes with all the things you need for installation, and the process is easy and hassle-free. Whether you are replacing existing fixtures or installing Maximus Smart Security Light in your home, the installation is simple and a no-brainer.

Maximus Smart Security Light – Coach


Do not wait until it is too late, invests in Maximus Smart Security Light today, and improve the overall security of your home. The security of your properties is crucial, take an active step today.

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  1. starchelle haynes says

    This is nice love to own one

  2. What a cool way to keep safe! Love it!

  3. Michael DeFren says

    smart, i couldnt tell its does all that


    I could use something like this. We always having people come up to rural home.

  5. Vidmantas Laukys says


  6. Tammy Catterton says

    wow I love it look great awesome one to own

  7. Carissa Joslyn says

    This is Awesome. I love how it is Deseret as well! makes it so much better because they wont know where to go to avoid the cameras.

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  9. They look great!

  10. Alyssa Christian says

    So fancy!

  11. Sarah Mayer says

    My favorite feature:

    The in-built camera is high-quality and gives crystal clear picture unlike most that fuzzy. You get to see the faces of your visitors.

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