Are you looking for high-quality comics to adorn your cabinets, tables, and tabletops? Are you searching for unique and well-sculpted figurines? Do not search further; LootCrate comics present to you topnotch collectibles that are professionally and 3D sculpted to improve your cabinet’s and shelf’s aesthetics and keep memories fresh.



Your favorite movie epics are here, digitally sculpted, and captured the characters’ presentation without fail. There is indeed an extensive collection of LootCrate comics to let you collect all your favorite characters. Here are some of the fantastic LootCrate comics that leave you dazzled.



LootCrate comics bring to mind the memories of The Lord of the Rings, one of the most exciting movies you never get tired of watching. Frodo Baggins is so well-captured with incredible details that his miniature vinyl figure exudes with accurate imagery of his costume, weapon, and character.


  1. LootCrate Nessie X-ing 4 Pack of Drink Coasters Loch Ness Monster

This is a pack of four mythical creatures that come in the form of hazard signs. It contains the LootCrate comics of Nessie, Kraken, Sasquatch, and Mothman. They come in yellow cardboard with black print. You can post these images on your shelf, books, walls, etc.

  1. LootCrate Jaws Shark Rubber Drain Stopper

Another LootCrate comics figurine displayed in another fantastic way is the Jaw Drain Plug. It is an iconic design of a thriller film, Jaws. It feels great having a symbolic drain plug with a white shark’s head sticking out of your drain with its open mouth showing its sharp teeth.

  1. Worlds Best Taker Over Mug- Pinky and the Brain White Coffee Mug Cup

If you are a coffee or lover, you can have your lovely drink in a grand style with a high-quality ceramic mug cup with the design of Pinky and the Brain on the mug. The mug comes with customized titles and a wide variety of colors. The mug cup is elegant and comfortable to hold your coffee and tea.


  1. LootCrate Gremlins Gizmo backpack with Cinch String Green Bag 70

Lootcrate comics also include a backpack with the design of Gremlins Gizmo on it. It is beautiful and useful to pack a few light items. The bag is colorful and durable and made with 70% Polyester and 30% Polyethylene.

  1. LootCrate Sherlock Holmes 221b Baker Street Decal 7” x 5”

Stick LootCrate comics Sherlock Holmes Baker Street decal to your favorite item’s surface, such as a ceramic mug, cloth, metal, wood, and glass. The decal is 7 inches by 5 inches in size, making it suitable for most surfaces.

  1. Lootcrate edition Tobin’s Spirit Guide. Official Ghostbusters Edition. Written by dr. Ray Stantz, dr. Egon Spengler, and Erik Burnham. Illustrated by Kyle Hotz

This is another collectible you cannot afford to miss. It is one of the best LootCrate comics. It is a fictional book that explored the Ghostbusters movie characters. It is well-illustrated and provides adequate imageries for readers to explore Ghostbusters’ universe.

  1. Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Eastman and Laird’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is another great collector’s items you should have on your bookshelf. The comical drawings are professionally sketched and enjoyable to read.

9.Loot Crate Exclusive A Special Edition Of The Thirteenth Doctor Who, BBC Comic 10. Loot Crate Exclusive

10.The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring Shirt.

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