INVOKE intelligent speaker from Harman Kardon with Cortana

INVOKE intelligent speaker

Sound is Life!

Sound is life! If you are a lover of music or an audiophile, you certainly know that speakers make a huge difference in enjoying your favorite songs. Being able to hear ultrasonic sound in your music heightens your pleasure. Facts are that you connect better with clear and audible sounds; the type of speakers you buy goes a long way in determining your overall level of satisfaction. You undoubtedly will have an enhanced experience with a high definition speaker. And when your speaker is intelligent like INVOKE by Harman Kardon, you feel like you own the world because you can stream audio of any formats like WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC, Vorbis, and FLAC through a 40W smart speaker.


INVOKE Intelligent Speaker, Getting Ahead Organized

INVOKE intelligent speaker is a cutting-edge smart speaker designed by Harman Kardon and powered by Microsoft’s artificial intelligent personal assistant called Cortana. Besides being a high-quality speaker that produces an amazing sound, the smart speaker helps you to get a lot of instructions carried out through voice interaction. The speaker competes and performs better than its competitors on the market. Talk of design, sound quality, the microphone sensitivity to pick up commands, responsiveness, and applications’ integrations, Harman Kardon made INVOKE Intelligent Speaker the leading smart speaker among its competitors.


INVOKE Intelligent Speaker, the Perfect Personal Assistant

With INVOKE Intelligent Speaker, you can have your alarms set; searches carried out online, answers found to questions as well as make and receive hands-free calls. Also, you can voice-control your music, get information about weather, traffic, news, flights, etc. with INVOKE Intelligent Speaker by Harman Kardon. You can also have your schedules managed, create reminders, and get help for most tasks you carry out every day without fail. Also, you can control your smart home appliances through INVOKE Intelligent Speaker. Take advantage of a high level of technology and make your tasks simplified with the smart speaker that works efficiently on Android, iOS, and PCs.


Experience a New Dawn

If you are searching for an affordable smart speaker that has premium features and functions, INVOKE intelligent speaker from Harman Kardon with Cortana is all that you need. Experience amazing, bright sound that fills your room with utmost clarity and perfection with INVOKE smart speaker.

Order your INVOKE intelligent speaker, download Cortana app (iOS and Android), and log in to your Microsoft account to access the full features of the smart speaker and for complete control. Enjoy the flexibility, versatility, and top-of-the-range functionalities provided by INVOKE intelligent speaker from Harman Kardon with Cortana.

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