Innova FixAssist 3040RS OBD2 Scan Tool


Are you looking for a special Father’s Day gift?  Are you looking for an effective On-board Diagnostics System? Do not stress out; FixAssist 3040RS is the perfect OBD2 scan tool you can purchase for full auto diagnosis, whether you are a technician or a vehicle-owner.

If your vehicle has ever broken down on the road and you were helpless, you would appreciate an OBD2 scan tool that provides information about the faulty component of the car. Having FixAssist 3040RS helps you to avoid your car breaking down on the road, as you can use the scanner periodically to know your vehicle’s state of health.

FixAssist is a cutting-edge vehicle diagnosis tool designed to provide you with information about the specific part that has issues in your car. You can take up a remedial without searching all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle for the fault. Besides, you can rely on the FixAssist OBD2 scan tool to keep your car under effective monitoring to keep it healthy throughout its life span.

To help your dad, husband, uncle, or anyone with a father figure monitor the vehicle’s health and condition, order FixAssist OBD2 scan tool for him as a special Father’s Day gift. You will be providing a lot of help to avoid his car breaking down on the road. This is a perfect gift at this period.


Why Choose FixAssist 3040RS?

Of course, the market is full of a wide variety of diagnostic tools. However, the FixAssist OBD2 scan tool offers more than a vehicle diagnosis. Here are some of the reasons to purchase the scan tool.


  1. General Diagnosis

Like other OBD2 scan tools, FixAssist scans a vehicle to discover the exact component that is faulty.


  1. Enhanced Diagnostic Functions

Unlike most OBD2 scan tools on the market, FixAssist is designed to scan more parts of a vehicle such as the ABS, and Battery and charging system test. It also provides code severity levels that indicate if the car can wait to be fixed when you get home or it must be repaired immediately.


  1. 2.8–inch Color Display

It comes with an all-in-one display screen with more than twenty crucial information, including trouble codes and meanings.

  1. Real-time Diagnosis & Results

FixAssist scans and provides live information about a vehicle for diagnosis and repair.


  1. Easy Navigation Buttons

FixAssist has navigation buttons for easy navigation into the functions of the scan tool.


  1. Perfect Father’s Day Gift

If you are looking for the right gift to give your dad or anyone you consider as a father, the FixAssist OBD2 scan tool is a suitable gift to buy.


Order FixAssist 3040RS now for hassle-free use of your vehicle and convenient troubleshooting and repairs of faults. The scan tool is affordable and durable. Also, make sure to check out Innova social media links below.

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