I’m Planning On Filing A Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook For Allowing My Photos To Be Infringed

I’m Planning On Filing A Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook For Allowing My Photos To Be Infringed


I’ve been very quiet about this issue and have been on the phone and emails with them about this issue not being resolved.  I have asked repeatedly to remove my photos from these horrible people’s Facebook accounts. They have altered many of them and infringed on my privacy repeatedly even though I have deleted all of their photos because I want nothing to do with them ever again in my lifetime. The thing about all of this is it puts my life in danger as well as my family’s because of their horrible situation with her grandson murdering a gang member. They have seen my post about taking the photos down they just ignore it repeatedly but had time to burn photos but can’t remove my photos from their Facebook accounts! 

There is never going to be oh that’s my daughter, granddaughters, great-grandchildren none of that will ever happen again as long as I have breath in my body and I’m walking on this earth. My family disowns those people they weren’t worth a hill of beans back in the day and still aren’t as of today. If someone were to ask me about my mother I say I don’t have one because the one I had was a backstabber, liar, and two-faced as HELL who would want someone like that, not me. I was better off when I went that 12 years and didn’t talk to her. We didn’t have all the drama that they brought into our lives. I have looked back at all the criminal records of a few of these people and was lied to when one person was in my house trying to go in my husband’s room for pain medication and trying to steal it but because I had a camera in the hallway and alarms on the door she got caught before she could enter the bedroom.  It’s funny because that very year she was arrested for stealing again at Walmart in another town I saw the report and have a copy of it but not once were we told she was caught shoplifting but was in my house several times what would you do? 

When I say these people are horrible I mean it truly. I don’t sugarcoat shit when it comes to them and how we were used. We were threatened repeatedly on Facebook, TikTok, and Text Messages even to the point I had to call the sheriff out because my life was literally threatened. But if you were to hear it from them we were the ones doing it all which wasn’t so. We simply fought because of what they were throwing at me and my daughters.  It was so bad that those people even brought in my daughter’s boyfriend’s ex-wife to cause more issues then they brought in other people and had them and the parents come for us on Facebook. These people are relentless when it comes to battling them. Back in 1995, I learned just how bad the woman whom I refuse to ever call a mother evicted us off her husband’s property because we found out she was refinancing the home & car loan we were paying on and she got caught in her own web of lies so she covered it up with a 10-day eviction she thought she was going to keep our home but her husband wasn’t going to do that to us so my brother in law put it in his name and we moved it to Hartsville, S.C. and that is where our lives became better. It wasn’t without issues of her coming to my town and talking to people that I talked to she made it her business to come 30 mins away from her town to screw with me. But she always played the victim in everything literally!

But now she doesn’t know my inner circle of friends don’t want anything to do with her and wouldn’t even give her the time of day. They might put her in her place if she were to talk negatively about me and my family that’s not a threat that is the friend speaking up to tell her she isn’t going to put me and my family down. See I have a good circle of friends, not shady ones that stab you in the back. I had a long conversation with one of my childhood friends and mercy these people weren’t nice to her either so she blocked them so they couldn’t contact her or her family. That’s how these two people are they cause chaos wherever they go literally no joke.

Now you wonder why I’m posting this well I have decided to start a class action lawsuit against Facebook because I have reported my photos of me being used and misused repeatedly it also infringed on my privacy, reputation, and deformation of my character. These same people troll on my Facebook account so I post things for them to see since they are Fans. These same people front so-called Christians and front one way and do the opposite when they post hatred on Facebook and TikTok. I could careless if they go to church or are Christians because the Good Lord will be the one these people have to answer to. The other thing I find odd is why keep my photos up when ties are severed? I mean me I deleted photos from Facebook, threw photos away, and trashed things that were given to me from them because everything about them was a LIE and I knew I shouldn’t have ever allowed these people back into my family life because I already knew how they were but I assure you that was the VERY LAST TIME of allowing these people in our lives. 

Now with all of this being said I know the crazy people will try and start but we don’t care. Screenshot this or HELL print it out because like I said I have done the stuff online to start the class action lawsuit against Facebook for allowing these people to continue using my childhood photos without my permission and altering my photos and using them without permission whether they are yours or not you didn’t have my permission to use them. 

My family is blessed with good health and we will always come out of storms like this. We don’t have any drama to deal with. My daughters are the best we always have each other’s backs. See I’m the type of mother that is there for my children and grandchildren I don’t use my family we mean something to each other and respect each other. So that storm that we were put through has been long gone we don’t miss anything from that side of crazy. So to the crazy side REMOVE THE PHOTOS!


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