Holiday Gift Guide Ramsey Solutions from Books to Board Games

Holiday Gift Guide Ramsey Solutions from Books to Board Games

Looking for the perfect gift items to give your children? Are you searching for the right games that will not only give your kids fun but also teach them valuable life lessons? Do you want to prepare your children mentally for life lessons while they are having fun playing games? Do not search any further; Dave Ramsey’s holiday gift guide is the perfect product to achieve your goals.

Dave Ramsey’s offers an extensive collection of products ranging from books to board games that provide parents with fun options to pass essential life lessons to their kids. Here are some the products that Dave Ramsey offers.

1. Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox

This is a 20-minute DVD produced by Anthony ONeal. Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox makes it easier for parents to teach their teenagers what starting and running a business in real world entail. Teens can learn life lessons involving starting their own business and making money.

It is an easy-to-follow practical guide containing eight steps that are crucial to succeeding in business. It is fun and educative starting from setting a goal to cashing in on potentials of the business. Get Teen Entrepreneur Toolbox for $49.99 at and teach your kids skills they will need to become successful adults.

2. Financial Peace Jr.

Nothing compares to financial education; the earlier parents expose their kids to it, the better their kids become equipped to make sound financial decisions that can transform their lives. It may not be easy to teach as parents, but Financial Peace Jr. is the perfect tool to raise money-back kids.

Covering crucial areas such as working, saving, spending, and giving, this is an indispensable tool to have fun with your children while they are learning life lessons. The toolkit caters to different ages and comes with reward stickers to mark the completion of each activity. Financial Peace Jr. is sold for $21.99 at

3. Junior’s Adventures: Storytime Book Set

Children learn most life lessons from stories that are well-curated especially for them. The Junior’s Adventures teach the values of integrity, hard work, saving, giving and avoiding debt. This collection is best suited for kids from 3-10 years old.

Parents should emphasize the valuable lessons as they read this series with their kids. Dave Ramsey offers your book series for $36.99 at

4. Dave Ramsey’s Act Your Wage! Board Game

Act Your Wage! is an exciting and highly educative board game by Dave Ramsey that helps parents to teach their children certain money principles that are crucial to living in the real world. Kids get to learn the impact of each financial decision they make on their overall financial status. Besides, they also learn how tediousness debt repayment procedure can be. The board game is available for $22.99 at

Make sure to check out Dave Ramsey website out there is a great selection for adults & children click HERE! You may also want to check out Dave Ramsey’s social media links below.



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