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Fortune Cookie Bake

Looking to Engage Your Kids Creatively?
Are you looking for the right way to turn your kids’ passion into a productive venture? Are you searching for how to teach your children to give back and save? Do you want to hang out with your kids and learn how to bake, and have fun? Fortune Cookies is the right place for you to be. Learn how to bake cookies and teach your kids something new about marketing.

Go Fortune Cookies With Your Kids!
Fortune Cookies allows you to learn with your kids. Your children get to learn how to bake cookies and market them to people around and save from the proceeds. When you learn with your kids, the chances are that they will learn faster without hassles; and keep what they learned in mind for a long time. There is no better way to engage your kids and also help them to build character!

How Fortune Cookies Intend to Help
Fortune Cookies highlights steps to help you achieve your dreams of learning with your kids and helping them to make money. Here are the steps:
1. Fortune Cookies provides lessons on how to bake cookies and package them in branded bags and boxes, which will have your company’s logo, labels, and stickers. You can now take advantage of the cookies to promote your business. Your children will be actively involved by helping to sell the cookies you made. However, you will help your kids to keep the record of their money and use the proceeds appropriately.

2. Take the packaged cookies to businesses and individuals in your neighborhood. Talk about your company and services to elders and other people in your community. And let your children know about your community.

3. Pay your children for helping you to bake, package, and sell the cookies. You should use a receipt to record the payments and enter them appropriately.

4. Help your children invest their money in a Roth IRA, one of the first investment programs.

Enroll in Fortune Cookie today to have fun with your kids as you learn how to bake cookies. Give your kids the chance to gain the act of earning, saving, and giving back to the community. Having a real-life experience will instill in your kids the urge to work hard and increase their investment.

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