Facebook Post the Bio-Mother Posted About Me I’m Going To Address With a Q & A

Facebook Post the Bio-Mother Posted About Me I’m Going To Address With a Q & A

I’m going to address the Facebook Posts that she makes because she is such a petty 72-year-old woman. For years I have had to deal with her lies, accusations, bullying, stalking me online, harassing me with emails, Myspace, Xanaga blogs, talking to people I know, and telling lies on top of lies to others to make herself look like the victim. The funny thing about it a lot of people figured out what she was doing and even told me I was right she is a looney person and all her marbles are rolling around.  The old saying you should love your parents I don’t feel that way at all. I grew up in a house where she allowed her husband to sexually abuse me my whole childhood and she knew about it is what makes it even worse for me. This started I’m sure in Colorado when I was a child I have some evidence of that but it continued until I got married to my 1st husband. Now you ask why would I put this out there like this well I was victim shamed for so many years called a liar went through almost 3 years of therapy and realized it wasn’t my fault it was the person that done that to me and the other person that allowed it to happen to me. I have started being more vocal because of what the bio-mother posted on Facebook always bashing me but yet she never did her job as a mother to protect her child/children.  So below I will be responding to all her ridiculous lies about me.

((For my friends who support me about the eldest daughter.. I thank you so very much..))

Answer: Your friends support your lies and eventually those friends will realize the liar you really are when they happen to not want to do something that you want done or need help with. You have so many people that don’t like you as it is because you lie so bad. Those same friends will learn that you are a compulsive liar and make things up. Just like I’m pretty sure those same friends and church members haven’t seen what your daughter and you have said because you conveniently have been backing off on all the hostile postings trying to look like the straight-and-narrow Christian that you aren’t. Let’s be real you cuss, lie, and talk trash to people that park in a fire lane making that your business good thing you don’t do that in this area people don’t take lightly to nosy people letting them know where they can park. Not just that but you condone your daughter of stealing in Lancaster at a Walmart in 2022 and didn’t think no one should know so we didn’t allow her in our houses but no you didn’t. You kept it a secret like seriously! But you accuse me of stealing things from the 70s to the present make that make sense. Truthfully your friends will learn sooner or later what type of liar, manipulator, or narcissist person you are. 

((The Lies only get deeper and expand..))
This one really is puzzling to me because what lies have I told? Everything I post is facts nothing is a lie. Now if you read your Facebook posts those get deeper and expand so much with the lies. I mean I have caught you several times telling lies on me and my family.
((She will use something that happened years ago literally but twist it beyond belief claiming to have proof.. Sarcastically Calls me “sweetheart” like that is going to do something.. She took things from my house and now I know it for sure but of course it’s impossible to prove as I gave her a key while I was out of town so my bad ! She knows what she’s done but for her to admit to any wrongdoing would shame her.. I’m tired of her lies, half truths and twisting of the facts.. If the cost of the trike puzzle my dad made for me is what it takes to eliminate her from our lives than I’m good with it! I have the memories..))
She claims that I use things and twist them beyond belief and I do have proof of a lot of things more than you can imagine. The reason I sarcastically called you SWEETHEART is because it was better than saying what I really wanted to call you. See I knew you would flag my Facebook post because that is what she and her daughter do but that works both ways. Now, onto this crap that the bio-mother states I stole things from her house and now she knows it for sure? It’s hilarious this idiot was bringing so much to my old house and new house it was unreal bags, boxes of things just a lot of crap! Now the crazy part is so of things I don’t think she thought I would go through because when I started going through things I found a lot of things that were questionable that she wrote about me on a calendar repeatedly. Even talked about her deceased daughter being MAD at her again yeah those kinds of things. Now, onto the trike issue, I was given this in the double-wide on McCurdy Street and have had it in my possession. The issue about photos I have photos that were Jaimes that you gave to give her son but I should’ve realized that you would spread lies about me having photos that you brought to me again your memory is really bad is all I can say. It’s funny I have so many videos showing you bringing things into my house and inside videos of you claiming why you brought them here. Now, onto this BS about you can’t prove it because you gave me a key to your house while you were on the road with your husband at the time because you didn’t want to be a mother and raise your younger child so you wanted to be up your husband’s ass 24/7 because you knew he would leave you high and dry. So instead of being a mother you had everyone else doing what you should’ve been doing keeping your house up and raising your child. I have NEVER stolen from anyone EVER and can put my hand on the Bible and say it will a clear mind. Why would I admit to something I have NEVER done?? Kinda stupid don’t you think?? I don’t have anything to be ashamed of other than you being my bio-mother!  The bio-mother talks about she is tired of my so-called lies, half-truths and twisting of the facts well BLESS YOUR HEART I’ve been sick of yours from the very start. 
((If Darrell and Chris want to adopt a 53 yr old woman than I will definitely pray for them when the time comes that she show out and cusses them..))
Now, onto this part, these two people are good people they have raised a family they have stuck together as a family. They haven’t treated their children. See the bio-mother had two sons that she left on their father and his wife when the children were 11 months and 2 years old. I can’t even imagine ever leaving the children that I gave birth to. But the good thing about it is they raised my brothers in a good family environment. Not sure why she didn’t leave me with them because she surely was a horrible parent and still is to this very day.  The funny thing about what she said is that she will pray for them when the time comes and I supposedly show out or cuss them out who says that?  I guess I’m supposed to take the crap the bio-mother dishes out and not respond nope not happening I will always stand up for myself because if I don’t know one will. But at the end of the day, it’s better than dealing with a narcissist, liar, and manipulator.
((It wasn’t long ago she changed boats in mid ocean saying how good her dad was in one breath then how bad he was in the nest..))
Now, I’m going to explain this once again because she talks so much crap about it. My bio-father was stripped of his rights she took off with me and never allowed my father to know where I was. The things he told me really did connect up and the mere fact that she allowed her husband to legally change my name so my bio-father couldn’t find me was another one of her moves to cover her past up. My bio-father was around a couple of times in Hartsville, S.C., and worked at the power plant but had no idea where I was. But if you hear her version she claims he knew and there was an ad in the newspaper in Florence, Darlington not where he lived so yeah he never saw the ad that she was required to run. The stepfather was abusive to me as a child and sexually abused me as a child. What is odd about this is she is one that is old school don’t talk about it because that will make people think bad of her or him. But see part of my therapy was to confront the person that sexually abused me to get that closure well I did and he admitted to his wrongdoings but it doesn’t mean I won’t talk about it because that is the problem with people they want it to stay under a rug to never be talked about again. Were you the one that he was sexually abusing? Were you the one that he made stand outside on the steps with shorts, no shoes, no socks, and short sleeves in the wintertime as punishment? Were you the one that he threw a metal flashlight at and hit the fridge? Were you the one that he verbally abused me letting me know I wasn’t his child at every breath he could use? No, you weren’t but you allowed him that abuse and didn’t stop it.  I will never sugarcoat what he did to me as a child. See the thing about it is it happened to my middle sister Jaime also but if the bio-mother has any say in it she would claim that never happened but it did. Jaime and I talked about it many times but she forgave her father she didn’t forget it she dealt with it differently than I did because mine wasn’t once or twice it was a lot. But I made that peace with him so why are you still bringing it up? 
((This past May & June (about 10 weeks ago). she said she loved me so much and worried about me.. I have the voice msg and the cards..))
I want to touch on this subject that she is talking about me saying I loved her so much and was worried about her and such. Now, Since September 2022 I stopped going to her house because something was very off with them, and some of the things she was saying made me be very concerned for my safety and my family’s safety. So I had already started backing off sure we talked every day, communicating on social media, birthday cards, and Mother’s Day cards most people do that for family and friends. The thing about the bio-mother she likes to say things to make it look like we had an awesome relationship but in reality, it wasn’t really a mother-and-daughter relationship it was more friends because I still kept in the back of my mind all the things she has done to me in the past. I mean I learned after having my children to tell them that I loved them so I thought telling her would fix what was really broken in the bio-mother and myself but it didn’t fix it because everything was still the same. But I can assure her that I don’t love her at all anything that was even there is gone. I want to make it very clear don’t care about the cards and voicemails because that’s all they are is paper and recordings they don’t mean anything to me I deleted all your voicemails and shredded the cards that were given to me from you. I have given things away that were given to me as gifts to others who would appreciate the items because the less I have that you have given the better it feels to be FREE from you and your controlling behavior. I REFUSE to allow this bio-mother back into my life ever again I have done it so many times over and over with the same results every single time with her. A person burns out dealing with these narcissistic behaviors. So when I say this DOOR IS SHUT SEALED AND BURNED ITS FINAL! 
((Again I’m not the only person she was hateful to over money but in no way has she offered to pay one cent back .. of course we didn’t ask but under the circumstances I would have started paying back what $$ I claimed was pushed on me .. I know lol.. That will never happen..))
Now, onto this subject that she has repeatedly thrown in my face so many times I could scream! What is so odd about her saying this is when my husband went out of work with his COPD, Congestive Heart failure, and some other health conditions he wasn’t able to be a truck driver anymore something he had been doing since 2004. When he went out of work we had bills to pay and and we got his 401-K and what his job paid while he was trying to get his SSA. We had just gotten my car a few months before he went out of work I had traded my Chevy Sonic for a bigger car to be able to take his walker with us when we would go out and about. See the bio-mother’s husband inherited money from his aunt’s estate so they offered to pay the car off, paid to have a metal roof put on the old house because it was leaking and they OFFERED then OFFERED to pay the last $1100 off on the 1st bankruptcy that was the remaining balance. She makes these statements that we didn’t OFFER to pay anything back YES we OFFERED and what did they say NO THAT’S WHAT FAMILY DOES THEY HELP EACH OTHER!  The bio-mother likes to say things to make her look like she is a glorious person because she did something for someone. See she will portray you to be a horrible person but won’t tell the whole truth about this whole BS money issue. The bio-mother has made several statements about all this money she claims to have given us? I never got money from her the only time was Christmas $100 in 2021. Now I asked her to help with $200 for her grandson Jaime’s son and she refused 2 times I asked said NOPE the other grandson that is going to prison needs it more than the grandson that doesn’t have a record. The grandson she has literally talked MAD CRAP about me not allowing her to see him yeah that grandson she claims to love so much! I honestly don’t think she is capable of loving anyone because she is a self-centered narcissist. You’re right I will never pay you back I think we are even. I guess you forgot about all the products you begged for that I reviewed, Water heater, wooden doors, wood from inside the old house, movies on top of movies, TIVO, wayne medical equipment, and so much more. Just like my pump house all that blue metal was mine and the 2 pieces of red on there were from yall but the inside was made with scapes from your house when we asked about it you and your husband clearly stated that those things were what yall had at your house never one time said a word about owing anything even though we asked and the same reply was NO FAMILY LOOKS OUT FOR EACH OTHER! Just like August 12th someone from the Kershaw area was trying to log in to my Disney Plus account so much that they locked everyone out of the account so I called Disney Plus and they stated the IP address was from that area and that they didn’t realize I was being notified of the repeated attempts so Disney Plus suggested to report it because someone was trying to hack into my account and there isn’t but one other person that had known my account information and they are the only people that I know in that area. The bio-mother wasn’t paying for TV services you know why because I was allowing her, husband, and daughter all to watch it and they never offered to pay but were getting it FREE. See those are the things that piss me off with her she makes it like she was the only one doing things and supposedly paying for things. The bio-mother hasn’t ever paid my bills she paid off a car paid for the roof and the last $1100 on a bankruptcy. Her husband got a loan for $5000 so we could put a down payment on the new home we are in but we made $200 a month payments up until December 2021 when she gave me and my husband a Christmas time with a $100 bill saying you don’t owe anything left on the loan we owed $1000 left and we both said no we are paying it back she and her husband said NO it was paid off with the Refinance of her house! I have receipts of all the payments but one when I gave her $200 in cash one time and she spent it and said she was going to tell her husband something else all the receipts I have. 
((The car business was as I said and there was no check refunded bc there was a payment posted to the end but who cares.. Make it out however you like ..))
Its funny how you put your foot in your own rear about these things. Yes, my daughter got the refund money and she posted the receipts that you called her a liar about. You don’t like it when you are proven wrong because then you lose that control that you had. One day you will be lonely and alone and won’t have no one to blame but yourself for what you have done to people. 
((Friends who have had the misfortune of going thru this mess have told me to just cut all ties and let them claim whatever they like ..))
This right here really pisses me off because she makes it sound like I did something really bad but refuses to show what she did to cause this whole blow-up! See this isn’t the first time, second time, third time ITS THE fourth time allowing this looney into my family’s lives! She makes it sound like I was such a bad person I mean seriously do your friends know your daughter was a stripper, steals from people, lies, and does things that are against the law as a matter of fact was stopped this year for having something in the car. But yet I have never had not ONE CRIMINAL RECORD and you make me sound like a problem to society??? Seriously I raised my children without any help from you because you were a worthless mother and grandmother. You never had mother skills to any of your children you expected everyone else to do your job and lord forbid you say you had to work because there are people out there that work and are still excellent parents and do for their children. You always come up with an excuse when you want people to believe your lies.  But again you definitely don’t follow what your friends say because you aren’t the type of person who likes confrontation and arguments.
 ((I’m going with your advice.. This is never going to stop ..))
It’s funny you claim to take their advice but never do! You are right it will never stop because I will always post what I want when I want and there is nothing you can do about it. I will never be shut down again like you did me years ago. I will defend myself and my family against anything you or your daughter say bad about them. Just like law enforcement told me I can write what I like it’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH and I haven’t put personal information out there like she has like my address and full name that was on a piece of mail that could land someone in very deep trouble. None of my post or blog posts have any threats at all in them because I don’t do that as it has been stated by the bio-mother. 
((I know it but I don’t need the devil in my life anymore and that’s what this is..))
The only DEVIL there has been is YOU the BIO-MOTHER! I hope you take long hard looks in the mirror every day because you are the DEVIL in sheep’s clothing. Since I rid you and your daughter out of our lives things have been so peaceful and just a complete relief dealing with your baggage with that information you kept talking about with your grandson the murderer. I have never had so much weight off of me as I do today. So the only DEVIL in this situation is you. I have peace in my life and no stressful issues like you do with your current issues. 
 ((I do pray only good for EVERYONE and GOD knows it ! I don’t care who thinks otherwise.. I ask my church to pray for us all too..))
Like I said don’t say any prayers for my family because we know your prayers are worthless just like you are. Your prayers are nothing more than filled with evil things so no I don’t want them from you. See you will post this and that and turn around and throw GOD into this but talk pure garbage about us and then have the nerve to say you will pray for us??? You truly need to get your life straight with the GOOD LORD because you have certainly done a lot of sinning and judging of others!  Again pray for your own family they are the ones doing wrong and living wrong if it’s a lie you and your daughter told it and video it. So don’t say we need prayer because of the things you have done wrong to my family! Like I said I will be posting a lot more of the Q & A for you since you beg for attention.
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