Email From The Bio-Mother Feb. 15, 2006, 10:10 PM With The Same Narcissistic Behaviors as 2023 Facebook Posts.

Email From The Bio-Mother Feb. 15, 2006, 10:10 PM With The Same Narcissistic Behaviors as 2023 Facebook Posts.

Below is how she started the email to me but I want to break the email down and voice my thoughts on this whole thing. This email is 17 years old but looking back at it and seeing the same patterns of lies and her being hateful I just had to address this email. I can hear her now saying it was petty but I don’t see it like that because back then when I would argue back with her she would bully me down to the point I wouldn’t say anything. But since I never responded to these emails I will address them now. Everything in RED is hers and everything in BLUE are my responses. 


the original birth certificate is on file, you only recieved a copy so if it is written on your copy, u wrote it! by the way Laura at vital records in Douglas County was not impressed with you misleading her to believe you were me    oh and so you know your mystery message on your birth certificate is not on the original. now in refrence to daniel, the only request he ever made was granted, that was never to pay child support and obviously not to see or have anything to do with you, i think he proved that well enough when you went to see him in georgia.


This email was from 2006 when I had to send off a new birth certificate from Omaha, Nebraska where I was born. So, you can imagine the shock I was in when I saw the given name on the birth certificate. When I received that new birth certificate and my name was showing Laurali as first and Mechelle as middle I was really confused so I contacted the vital records in Nebraska and asked which name my legal name and they was stated Laurali and that there was a legal name change when I was 8 months old.   But of course, the bio-mother wasn’t happy that I found out about her dirty little secret, so she decided to call Vital Records in Douglas County Nebraska, and bad mouth me to them all because I was getting a new birth certificate and found out what she had done without even being honest with me.  The bio-mother even went as far as to make claims that I had blacked out the name on the birth certificate, but this was like that when she gave me my birth certificate.

Then the bio-mother likes to throw in my face about my bio-father but, she was the main reason he left her because she was a narcissist and stalked him and harassed him. He told me some stories about how he couldn’t go anywhere without her showing up and harassing him and his girlfriend. Honestly, I don’t blame him for leaving the psycho I mean if I could have left her I would have too! I mean she even said he made only one request and that he was never to pay child support and to stick the thorn harder into my heart she goes on to say and obviously not to see or have anything to do with you! What mother tells their child/children things like this?  Then she goes on to say I think he proved that well enough when I went to see him in GA. My bio-father was very concerned about his safety and the bio-mother, knowing where he lived, I had promised him I wouldn’t tell her where he was.

My bio-father was married and had adopted his wife’s son as his own. She also was trying to protect my bio-father and their lives as the bio-mother had a history of harassing my bio-father, so they didn’t want any trouble with her, and I assured them I wasn’t associated with her in any way.  But it wasn’t for more than a month that all of a sudden my bio-father stopped all communications and I later found out she contacted them. So again, she sabotages my relationship with my bio-father.

now for M. webster you got me!! Is he the one that died in your imaginary plane crash?? next please have a judge notarize all the documents, that should be no problem and that should also be enough to stop you from falsifying any more b.s.. next the only reason I went to the ss office is because you asked me to go. I answered no question and I filled out no papers, so get you imagination under control, in reflection I see now, that was another day of my life I wasted. Now here is a good one, your name, we had  a good laugh with this one, if you don’t have enough sense to know how to fill out that paper work to apply for your so called benefits, then your so called diploma is not worth the paper you had it printed on.

Here is where the bio-mother acts crazy and pulls something out of thin air like now for M. Webster you got me!! Is he the one that died in your imaginary plane crash?? Not sure what she is talking about the person that supposedly died in a plane crash she likes to make up things.  The bio-mother has done this to me my whole life.  As far back as I can remember the bio-mother has lied to me and about me to others. In this part, she got caught changing my name and tried to lie about it, but the affidavit didn’t lie. The only thing I found odd was the name she signed for the mother was “Laura” which isn’t her legal name at all.  

She also accused me of falsifying documents which I couldn’t do because these papers were from Vital Records in Nebraska. There was no way for me to falsify documents that were already filed with the records.  Now I want to address what she knew when I couldn’t get my name changed, I married my first husband and my second husband I had to have her go to the SSA office with me because they wouldn’t allow me to change my name even with my marriage licenses had to have a parent there even though I was grown. I tell you why she lied and screwed everything up for me with SSA how many people have on your social security profile that you have 2 birth fathers, multiple names each one different. So, the first time I went to change my name with the SSA she had to be there as I was 17 years old so I still was legal to get it without her but because she knew the whole name issue and fathers on it she acted stupid like she didn’t know it was there. So then when I married my second husband, I was 21 years old and again she was required to be there and still, they wouldn’t totally explain why other than they pointed out that I had two birth fathers listed and their names were different.  Still, today I still am having issues with the SSA about the two birth fathers and my extra names.  But again, she states I had an imagination and it needed to be under control. This is how she has always belittled me as a child to adulthood.

Not sure why she thought by laughing at my name that she named me but again it’s that narcissistic behavior she is always trying to put people down, lie about them, and make fun of them no matter the situation. She goes on to talk crap about me not knowing how to fill out that paperwork to apply for my so-called benefits but see here is the problem when I applied for my disability there was always an issue with my name and the mix-up on two fathers and it literally was stopping me because my account was being flagged every time about SSA. But then the bio-mother makes fun of my so-called DIPLOMA that it’s not worth the paper that I printed it on, but I got my diploma sent to me from a LEGAL ACCREDITED SCHOOL. But again she does low punishes when she gets caught in her own web of lies.

((maybe you should get your family to fill out the forms for you like they did with your school work, see simple. now as for big lots, I live in this town, not you, if you have a problem with that, then I suggest you look in the mirror, there is the real problem, face it!! It would not be a problem, if you had not spread so many lies and now have to worry about Abel finding out who I am and what you have done, but realize this, time is on my side now, he will find out because he is growing up and  he will find out on his own!! If you could only imagine the reprocution of that on his life, he will hate you to the bone but that is your bed!!  next, yep I got a picture, infact I got 3, but you would not understand, note IQ is not high enough. As far as Abel being scared, aren’t you proud yourself, because you created this problem, as you won’t let him know who I am, besides you are the one using Abel like bate.))

Again she likes to always belittle me when it fits her narrative or when she isn’t getting her way. She makes fun of the fact that I supposedly didn’t do my school work and that I allowed others to do it for me which is a HUGE LIE I worked hard for two years to get my Associate of  Occupational Science Degree in Medical Assisting with a Concentration in Management. I worked hard for two years and worked my butt off and was determined to pass no matter what to show myself and others I could do it. Here is another issue we had with the bio-mother anytime we would go to Florence we always knew the possibility of running into her because she was a busybody all over Florence. But she would drive all the way to my town of Hartsville and would go to the place I worked at and talk pure garbage about me and tell people all kinds of things like I supposedly stole money, photos same crap she is still doing to this very day. The funny thing about her is she suggested that if I had a problem with running into her then she suggested that I look in the mirror because I was the real problem and tell me to face it! She has always said I spread rumors and lies on her but everything I have ever stated is true. She seems to think everyone is like her to hide things from people but see I have never done that to any of my children including Abel. I got custody of my nephew when he was 19 months old and he called me momma I was up at night with him and taking care of him and his needs making sure he was fed, clothed, and happy, and yet the bio-mother had the nerve to say Abel would HATE ME TO THE BONE and it was my bed to deal with? What exactly would I have to lie about other than I have the emails where my bio-mother stated that since she was a truck driver she could run with Abel. During that time my bio-mother wasn’t a stable person as you can tell in her email which is unedited because I wanted people to see this is what she has done for years to me. The crazy thing about it is she puts me down about my IQ but when you read her email it’s all over the place and her spelling was out of control. I never used Abel as bait for anyone I simply was protecting him from the person that could destroy him. I did everything to make sure his life was happy and not disrupted by my bio-mother and if that meant he didn’t know her then he was a lucky child and I did my job in protecting him from this narcissist.


 ((I was standing in the check out line, you know, where you pay for the things that you buy, get Dwayne to explain the process. by the way thank you for a good laugh, you know, about protecting Abel!! next as for your father being in question, you can always get a free DNA test done on the Jerry Springer show, just ask Daniel to go with you.after all we need a better laugh after the last one.))
See this part where she is talking about how we were in Big Lots store in Florence and naturally the bio-mother always tries to control things so she thought that she could take photos of my nephew and try and talk to him when in fact she had been spewing all the hate against me spreading lies on top of lies. My bio-mother was even telling people she paid for the lawyer for me to get custody of my nephew but in fact, I have all the paperwork and the checks that Billie Blackmon never cashed because she did the case for FREE but to hear it from my bio-mother she would always make it sound bigger and better to make her look good like she did something for me and in fact, the only one that done anything was Billie Blackmon and the few people that wrote letters about me and how I was a fit parent for Abel. 
as for pictures, no have not recieved them, if you wanted to allow me pictures, I am sure you would send them, just as you send this other junk,to date it is not illegal to take pictures, as I choose to of who ever I choose and when I choose. same rights we all have in this country last I heard. as for the grammar etc, here I just do not have the time to participate in your need to upset me, so better luck next time!!
Again this was the BS she would say. She would try and take photos of my small nephew and make it known we were holding him from her. The reason we held him from her was because she wasn’t stable and had threatened to run with him she was a long-haul truck driver and she would’ve done just that to make her point. As for what she was saying about me sending other junk it was the stuff she requested back after she had given it to me and my family. She has always been a TRUE INDIAN GIVER and to think she taught me that was wrong but here she was doing it back in 2006. I also thought it was funny she made the statement about me upsetting her when she was blowing my email up with her threats of what she would do and could do. She even went as far as to have her friend lawyer contact me and tell me that my bio-mother had grandparents right NO SHE DIDN’T we had already talked to a lawyer at that time and she most definitely didn’t in the state of South Carolina. 
Actually, unless it is pictures of the children you claim I can have, I really feel it is in your best interest to act your age and stop all of this calling people like Chris in blair, ne and making claims that I can prove are lies.  for example, you remember telling Tiff that I was rude and all to the orthodonics office. well i have a letter from them at the time you made this claim that what you said never happened…the only thing you accomplished was to embarass me that I had to explain to them what i needed to prove. 
See the bio-mother has always tried to degrade her children when we would tell others about how she would act or things she would say about others. The bio-mother has always not liked my brother’s mother who raised them because my bio-mother didn’t want to raise them because it interfered with her plans in life. I think my brothers had a great mom who raised them at least she was there for them. In the next part she talks about my oldest daughter that got braces because my bio-mother PUSHED AND PUSHED to get braces and we told her we couldn’t afford it she said I will pay for them well that is what was done she made the payments for something for her granddaughter that SHE WANTED TO DO FOR MY DAUGHTER some grandmother you say right? Well, this grandmother got pissed with me and refused to pay for the braces as punishment for me but towards her granddaughter what a POS! Well since she decided she was not paying for them I took my daughter to the orthodontics and requested for them to remove the braces because I didn’t have the funds to pay for that. So they asked me if I like to take over the payments and at that time it wasn’t affordable to do so they said they would take them off There wasn’t one word crossed they were nice and everything was fine. The bio-mother has always tried to make me look bad to others No wonder she couldn’t keep friends or husbands because she was always in other people’s business.
 yes it appears the birth cirt is my fault..but like the lady Laura @ Douglas county records said  ” she is 36 years old and responsible after all of these years, marriages, children, school it had to have come up sister’s atty said it is not a big deal you can use the name as long as you keep a copy of the birth cirt to show and could not see any need to change any records except the ss card not the number as they do not change that for something like this. boo on you mechelle, i have all of this and more to put you in your place. and i have pictures to back other things up.
In this part, she OWNS UP to being her fault for my birth certificate. See I contacted the records in Douglas, NE. and talked with them they told me that the bio-mother poor mouthed me so bad that they felt sorry for me because she was telling some really bad things about me. See this is what the bio-mother has always done I’m not sure why she kept me? Why didn’t she put me up for adoption I think I would have had a better life with someone who cared about me! But to tell a government office such garbage about me is insane. Notice how she criticizes, belittles me, and treats me as though I was ignorant to not knowing about the social security numbers don’t change just because you have a different name NO SHIT. I also want to point out she claimed that you can use that name just keep the birth certificate and you don’t have to do all the name-changing BS! Well, thank you bio-mother for lying on my birth certificate because my children’s birth certificates are messed up, my marriage license is messed up, and my high diploma is messed up ALL BECAUSE OF A LIAR! Then she always says about all this proof rolling my eyes!
 i chose not to argue with you in hopes that you would stop all of this nonsense.  i did not take you to court to see Abel because i was more concerned what behavior he would see out of you. you are into your own lies and fabrications so deep that you cannot back out of it … time is on my side.  so go ahead enjoy what you have created while it lasts because this is one  thing you are 100%  A-1 at  CREATING.. i have a life to live and money to do it now that i am dead to you..but if i am dead to you why is it you try to make me dead to my grandchildren?  is that a maturity thing ? . if you are mad at me or hate me or don’t like me than everyone else is suppose to side with you.  that is not reality..but you never played well with others and i do not feel like playing i have too many things in life i want to do and enjoy. the children will know all of this, it may be after i die but it is all here for them and the attorney for my will is going to see to it they have it.  why you could not just email me or even call me and say hey, i have a problem with my birth cert will you explain…but you go thru all of this hoopla. as far as blood type, i could not tell you, do you know what mine is? do you know what danny’s is?  DNA is the way you need to go and i would think he would not mind unless of course he is afraid he will be proven a liar himself if he has said you are not his.  i know a DNA would be the way for you to go see if you can get him to agree. or just go visit him one more time and get one of his hairs that is all it takes.  i know he is your  father so i do not care what you do. all of this mess is you trying to put me down and make me look bad..
She would always use the facts about me to defend myself and make claims about me and my behavior but yet I had a guardian ad litem on my side and was seeing all this going on with my bio-mother. I had so many people on my side about this issue that she tried everything to make things look bad on me to others. I have tried all my life to care about this bio-mother only to always get kicked down and degraded by her. I have never had issues making friends I got along with everyone but I was always a loner as a child. See my bio-mother was never a grandmother to my children she made excuses to not go to school programs, or spend time with them She was a horrible grandmother to my children my sister Jaime’s child, and my brother’s children. The handful of times the girls spent with her she would have them clean her house and that is what they literally remember That is sad because grandparents make marks in their grandchildren’s lives. But the bio-mother said she would tell my girls how I was and share all these emails and such. Just like she threatens to have her attorney give my daughters all this information that she has I mean WHO LITERALLY DOES THINGS LIKE THIS?? My bio-mother that’s who she is a narcissist. Then she went on to claim why didn’t I call her or email her about my birth certificate well for one I was told if I called she would have me arrested for harassment and emailing her wasn’t an option because she would only respond that it was my problem not hers but yet she created that problem. See the bio-mother has changed 2 of her children’s birth certificates for her own personal gain not for the child but because she had the power to do so. Not sure what she meant about the blood type but I’m type A and have known that since I was 19 years old when I had surgery so another one of her pulled out of the hat lies there. I don’t care what her blood type is never have and never knew my bio-fathers blood type. It definitely made me question whether either one was my parents because neither gave two shits about me. Oh yeah, she clothed me, fed me done everything the law required her to do but love me! What is more troubling is how she said to visit him and take one of his pieces of hair I mean seriously they don’t do the DNA test like the ones I would have done it was swabbing the inside of the mouth and sending it off see its the ignorance behind what she says. Now do I believe he is my father I did after I met him because I looked like him but before that no I didn’t believe he was. But my bio-father told me things about my bio-mother that were very troubling but so has her other husbands have told me the same things about her so I know what my bio-father said was true because all her other husbands confirmed it. I never had to make her look bad she had done that all by herself being married 6 times and the last one she is 72 years old and has nothing to show for out of all 6 marriages. But tries to degrade me I’m on my second marriage of 32 years and have things to show for my family, health, love, house, truck, etc… I also have a husband & family who love me for me and support me through all this mess with the bio-mother. 
She was the one who started back handing me in the mouth and busting my lip many times. She would do it because my stepfather was one who believed in strict punishment he was one who believed in taking a belt to your bare butt and she followed behind him. My sister Jaime didn’t get near what I got but because I was the one odd child that didn’t have anyone to protect me. When I was in the 9th grade at St. John’s High School I had P.E. and the day before my stepfather took the belt to my bare legs and belt marks were left on my legs. With P.E. I had to dress out in shorts and I had to refuse because of the marks on my legs. I was told by the bio-mother and stepfather that I would learn next time. My P.E. teacher sent me to the office and at that point, I wish I had told someone of the situation going on in my household. See I never will forget that day he took that belt See I wasn’t a kid into drugs, acting out, or skipping school but I was mistreated my whole life by them. 
what you do not seem to understand is that i know the truth and to the people who know me it does not matter and for those who do not know me it does not matter to me or my friends. or my son and his wife or my youngest daughter and her sons and most of all my husband of almost 20 years. why…because we have a life!!  no matter what you say or do the people who knew Jaime knew she loved her parents…both of them and the few i shared your  “Jaime hated me” shook their heads and felt you needed some kind of counciling.  well i am all out patience and oliver says he has had enough laughs for one night.  you take care and hope things get better for you.  i look foward to the day i can enjoy my grandchildren again and it will come no matter what.  you say i am dead so lets you and i leave it that way and maybe there can be peace
I honestly don’t think the bio-mother would know the truth if it hit her in the face. She has always told people what she wanted them to know when it benefited her. I don’t have to tell a lie to get people to like me that’s not how I am. The funny thing about it is her husband of 20 years left her for another woman because he was tired of her crap too. As for my brother and his wife, my brother always wanted his mother’s approval it came a little too late because she didn’t keep her promise to move him to South Carolina and his father-in-law murdered him, his wife, and grandchildren. So again she failed another child something she is good at. Jaime had her own feelings about the bio-mother hell she accused her of stealing and causing trouble in her household. Jaime was a very outspoken person and wouldn’t take any shit off of our bio-mother but she was a little more forgiving than I was. But those same people that she claimed shook their heads the bio-mother didn’t tell them about my sister and what she accused her of doing because if she had then she would look bad. My sister Jaime and I talked many times about the crap we dealt with out of the bio-mother she never loved any of us we were simply objects for her to control HELL she never hugged us and told us she loved us so basically we didn’t have that motherly affection from her we had the accusing mother, blaming mother, lying mother, fake mother whatever you want to call her. The only person who needed counseling was the bio-mother but she is the first to sling that out there to make someone else look bad besides her. It’s funny my children have never liked her they tolerated but they will tell you she was never involved in their lives and they could care less what she says or has to show them. Then you have the last sentence and well that’s what she said and how she felt and that’s how I feel! 
Is it possible to hate someone so bad? Is it possible to hate your mother? Is it possible to hate a sibling? The way I see it is YES to all! I will never communicate with her ever again in this lifetime. There are just some people that are not meant to have any communication with because they are always looking for fault in others whether you are blood or friends some people are just plain evil. I don’t feel bad about what I have written because everything is TRUE but if you were to ask the bio-mother she would swear everything was a lie. The funny thing about this blog is I broke the email down in RED is hers unedited and BLUE is mine. Well that’s it for now I will write more later this weekend. 
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