Continued Harassment from Bio-Mother & Spedora

Continued Harassment from Bio-Mother & Spedora


Attorneys don’t just take these cases like they’ve told me and my daughter it’s a waste of the court’s time and judges frown on petty crap it’s not like it was back in the 80s & 90s. Was also reading the laws for South Carolina with Slander and Libel and we certainly have a case.
With what I have written about them everything is facts down to screenshots of text messages and videos. I can also prove that she has always threatened me with legal action when things would get heated and I would speak the truth she would threaten her lawyers to get me.
We can also prove 3 threats that have been put on us. We also fear for our lives now because 3 death threats have been made. Not to mention blackmailing over an object, threatening both my daughter’s jobs, called us every name under the sun have been horrendous, my daughter’s medical conditions have literally been made public including shaming them calling them names, shaming me for being sexually abused and calling me a liar when it happened and the person that done it owned it after I went through therapy and understanding that it wasn’t my fault at all it was his but I have continually been victimized about it, we have been called fat, whales, orca, whores, clout chasing, hairy blow pop, Sasquatch, brass man chew, bitch, nosy Nancy’s, oxymoron not to mention constantly bringing my deceased son in law up and blaming my daughter and that has been a continuous thing.
We have been badgered by them. When we posted it was in self-defense anyone would do the same. See I have always been treated like this by the bio mother and her daughter as she got older the bio mother would set her up to post things and email me horrible things like saying fat ass lose weight that is the one thing they would call everyone not just me. At the end of the day, I’m happy with who I am whether I’m fat or skinny I’m not out to make anyone happy with how I look.
Like I said whenever you want to have any of us served just remember that same energy because we have a ton of facts and proof. Also, I spoke facts about the grandson no lies why would I go to the sheriff’s department and talk to them? As for the state trooper, you shared the video so you made it public. But like I said make sure your proof matches up with the facts and the threats y’all have made.
Lastly, you made yourself famous when you failed at parenting your grandson he made your life public. Do you think we are the only ones talking about that situation there are a lot of people talking about that case so it’s not private it was made public on Kershaw sheriff’s Facebook page so it’s public records. Maybe had you done a better job at parenting things would’ve been different for your family but don’t blame me or my family for your mistakes and screw-ups.
Peace out
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