Complete Photo Guide to Crochet 2nd Edition & Art Therapy Celtic Books

Complete Photo Guide to Crochet 2nd Edition & Art Therapy Celtic Books7

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Christmas is here again and the time to send gifts to your friends and family is now. However, finding the ideal gifts could be a hassle. But to help you make the best decision this season, we present you two perfect gifts you can give to your loved ones who are lovers of creativity and DIY.

1. The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, 2nd Edition by Margaret Hubert

The first gift that you can buy for your loved ones is “The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, 2nd Edition.” The book is a comprehensive account of how to crochet. The book provides a complete guide for both starters and experienced individuals using the photographs as illustrations for a perfect grasp of crochet techniques.

If your friend or relative loves to create fabric or has expressed interest in the craft, this book will be a perfect gift as Christmas is around the corner. This is the ideal season to start something new, and you can influence a family or friend by starting together on a firm footing this Christmas season.

Why Buy The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet, 2nd Edition?

1. Best for DIYers

The book is a perfect gift item for lovers of home-made fabrics and who love to create their fabrics themselves. The can learn and improve their crocheting skills.

2. Easy-to-follow Photo Guide

The book simplifies the techniques of crochet with the aid of photos. What a better way to learn at self-paced speed.

3. Comprehensive Guide

The guide has in-depth techniques and 220 stitch patterns best suited for both novices and experts.

2. Art Therapy: Celtic Coloring Book by Michel Solliec

Another gift for creative minds this Christmas season is a book that focuses on art-“Art Therapy: Celtic Coloring book.” Recipients can explore the world of coloring as Michel Solliec illustrated in this book.

Coloring-in is not only for kids any longer; adults can enjoy the pleasure and fun that come with these activities. The fun is endless as you or the recipient of this book can get immersed in 100 beautiful illustrations of the symbolic language of art.

Why Buy Art Therapy: Celtic Coloring Book by Michel Solliec?

1. Enhances Creativity

The book will allow users to hone their creative skills while they enjoy tracing and coloring-in the illustrated shapes. Users will be able to create beautiful artwork.

2. Helps Meditation and Relaxation

One of the benefits of coloring-in is its impact on helping to meditate and relax while tracing and coloring-in the Celtic spirals. It helps the mind of calm, relax, and be focused on what matters.

3. Fun

Tracing and coloring-in Celtic spirals and knots offer a lot of fun to users of the book. Make the Christmas time a great fun with this amazing book of art.

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