Christmas Stocking Stuffer Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey Book

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey Book2

Looking for the perfect children’s book to buy for your kids this Christmas? Are you searching for animal themed children’s book that is full of lessons and humor? Do you want your kids to learn new things this holiday season? Do not search any further; Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey is the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer you cannot afford to miss!

Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey is the latest of the Lady Lucy series by Karen Gross. The book is an animal-themed children’s book. And you know that getting children’s attention is best approached using animals themed; they fancy animals and would be interested in anything related to them.

This is the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer that would fill your kids with fun and lessons about giraffes. There is no better way for kids to let their hair down than having happy laughter at several giraffes humor and jokes written in this unique book.

While children are having fun reading about jokes made about giraffes, they also get to learn interesting facts about these majestic creatures. It would interest children to know more facts about giraffes other than the animals being the tallest mammals in the world.

This book is the perfect example of “Laugh to Learn” way of teaching kids new things. Giraffes are funny creatures, and several jokes are made about their height, long necks, long legs, coat, smiles, and horns. Besides, giraffes have a friendly appearance, and your children will undoubtedly have fun reading Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey Book.

Some of the facts contained in the book include giraffes drink water through the mist in the air, and no two giraffes have the same coat pattern. There are lots of facts in the book that adults also can learn.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey Book

Why Buy Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey Book?

Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey is the best Christmas stocking stuffer for your kid due to the facts below.

1. Laugh to Learn

Your kids are assured of a wonderful fun-filled time reading the book as they also learn facts about giraffes.

2. Kids Learn To Write Jokes

Reading Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey will give kids an insight into writing jokes and who knows, your kid may become the next author.

3. Support a Cause

There are only about 100,000 giraffes in the world, and we need to prevent them from going into extinction. A portion of net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Buy a copy of Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey today and gift other kids close to you. Make this Christmas a happy one for your children.

If you are looking for some amazing books for your young readers then I would highly suggest Lady Lucy’s Laugh Giraffe Journey click HERE to purchase your copy.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review. The book is really sized to be a stocking stuffer — 4″ x 7″ or so. It can be held easily by kids — for reading jokes to and laughing with family and friends over the holiday. There will be an auction of some of the giraffe in the book starting Dec. 3 — 10 and like the book, the net proceeds go to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and to buy books for kids/libraries in need. So, Happy Holiday. Auction site is .

    One giraffe joke to end the post (not in the book as we have 75 extras in addition to the 75 in the book with 75 images): Q: What does the teacher say to her giraffe student? Answer: You’re giraffic! Your work stands tall.

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