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Captive DVD

Captive DVD

Captive DVD Review & Giveaway! I would like to share what I thoughts about the movie and about the two lost souls in the movie. I watched the movie and it inspired me to want to read the book called “The Purpose Driven Life for Guidance. The movie is about two individuals who were struggling with life. Ashley Smith a single mother and recovering methamphetamine addict and at the same time was wanting to get straight for her small daughter. Then, Brian Nichols who had appeared in court on March 11, 2005, he had been charged with rape and he was very angry and had even said that he would seek revenge on those who were involved in the case.  So on that day, he was walked back to his cell by a  female deputy and during the time she is removing his handcuffs he decided  he was going to attack her and take her weapon, radio and processed to the courtroom and shoots and murdered the judge that tried him, he shoots several other  individuals and murdered them.  Now that Brian Nichols was the subject of a manhunt he was looking for somewhere to hide and that is  where he drove into Ashley’s apartment complex and see’s she is outside and waits for the chance to grab her and she is already wondering what this guy was doing so she was walking back to her apartment then Brian Nichols grabbed her and forced her into her apartment and that is when she was held hostage.  Ashley was given a book at one of her recovery meetings by another recovering addict and she told Ashley the book would help her and wanted her to read it and find comfort in the book.  The book that she was given was “The Purpose Driven Life” Ashley reads the book aloud and that is where she would be the killer come to a crossroads.

I don’t want to tell too much more about the movie other than you must see this movie it’s worth seeing.  This is a true story and the DVD has bonus clips of the real Ashley when she was on Oprah and she talks about her experience with Brian Nichols and how the book gave her faith.

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