Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera | PTZ Surveillance System with Motion/Sound Detection

Looking for a perfect security camera to monitor your home? Do you need a surveillance system that can provide you with real-time video footage of your home? Do not stress out; Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera is the right product for you.


State-of-the-art Surveillance System

As times are changing, you need a state-of-the-art surveillance system to keep a tab on the movements in your home and monitor your kids. Consequently, a security camera with motion and sound detection and gives you a real-time view of your home comes handy. And most importantly, securing your home is your responsibility.


Keep a Tab on Your Home

When you need to secure your home, monitor who is in your home, and spy on your kids’ activities in the house remotely, Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera is the perfect surveillance system to invest in. Have the peace of mind you deserve by getting to know what your kids are up to while you are away and who enters your home.


Get the Needed Help on Time

Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera comes with advanced motion and sound detection systems that send an instant alert message to your smartphone. With this, you can view what is going on in your home and call for help to contain any emergency that may have triggered the alerts.


Real Value for Money

Of course, there are different types and models of security camera on the market, choosing Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera offers the best value for your hard-earned money. There is no better way to be far away from home and feel closer. You never lose track of what goes on in your home.

Unique Features of Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera 

Blurams is a topnotch security camera that comes with several alluring features that include the following:

  1. Sleek Design

Blurams Snowman security camera is attractive and has a sleek design that can serve an ornamental purpose while delivering its functions.


  1. AI Facial Recognition

The camera comes with built-in artificial intelligence-based facial recognition that notifies you if any of your family members come back home or alerts you if a stranger is in your home.


  1. All-around Coverage

Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera comes with almost 360-degree coverage monitoring that gives you a complete view of your home. Its video high-definition is with utmost clarity both day and night.


  1. Easy Communication

You can talk to your family or send a voice note through the two-way audio integrated into the design of Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera.


  1. Alert Prompts

Get notified when your kids return from school, a baby cries, an item breaks, a smoke alarm goes off, or a stranger enters your house. Besides, you can choose which area to get alerts – its motion tracking system enables this function.


  1. Compatible with Alexa

You can control your Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera by linking it with Alexa for the voice command to view any part of your home where Blurams camera is placed.


  1. Multiple Camera Viewing

If you have many Blurams security cameras in your home and office, you can view them concurrently on your smartphone with just an operation.

Blurams Dome Camera 1080p
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Blurams Snowman 1080p Dome Security Camera provides an effective surveillance system that you need to be in the know of the unfolding events in your home. Place an order for your Blurams camera now to guarantee your peace of mind. Also, make sure to check out Blurams social media links below.

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