Biomother’s Lies

Biomother’s Lies


I have been quiet for a while about the biological mother and her daughter. But yesterday, I received screenshots from someone she knows, informing me that she was talking about me again. It’s funny how the biological mother thinks everyone is lying about what she has done to others, including my family and me. The other day, I received some paperwork that clearly showed how far she was willing to go to put someone in jail by fabricating the truth. She even complained about corrupt sheriffs in Florence and spread rumors about her ex-husband’s girlfriend, stating that she had an STD because she was a dental hygienist and should lose her job. She went as far as wanting to contact her workplace to reveal this information. It’s no surprise that the biological mother has always had a malicious side, which I experienced firsthand in 1986, 1987,1989, 1992, 2000, 2023, and 2024. Yet, I foolishly still talked to her again in June 2013. But now I have finally learned my lesson and will never let her or anyone from her crazy family back into my life. The door is sealed shut and the bridge is burned and washed away. Whatever happens in their family – whether it be good events, bad events, sad events, homeless events, broke down events, no power events, no food events well you get the point. These people will try to destroy you and your family if things don’t go their way. Trust me, I am not the only one who has encountered issues with them; they just refuse to acknowledge their enemies.

I want to address the false accusations that the person wrote about me. First and foremost, I do not disrespect or degrade anyone unless they have done the same to my family. As the saying goes, respect must be earned, it is not given freely to those who threaten my loved ones. And as for degrading others, let’s talk about how the biological mother’s daughter has drawn pig faces on my photos and called me and my family names like pigs and cows for years. Should I post screenshots of those incidents? This same daughter has also called us fat and used other derogatory terms for many years. So if you think I’m degrading when I write about these things, maybe you should try being in my shoes at 9 years old with a husband putting himself on me and touching me in inappropriate ways. If that’s what you consider degrading, then you are part of the problem. And you claim that people who disrespect and degrade others are the worst offenders – does this include yourself, your daughter, and your grandson? You also say that “talk is cheap” and lies make talk even cheaper – but everything I’ve written is true and there are no lies here. However, your words are cheap because you fabricate so many lies – don’t forget, I know you well. And when you say “Some folks are just too vetted with themselves to see or hear what they really project to others…” – well, you used “vetted” incorrectly but I’ll give you a pass since your sister didn’t proofread this for you like she did in other instances. Then the biological mother claims that people have contacted her with kind words about the stories that have surfaced in the past 14 months – but let me be clear: she and her daughter have set up many people to read what I’ve written. I get anywhere from 600-2000 hits per day on my website from her friends all over the country, from New York to Florida to the Carolinas – I could list more but they will know who I’m talking about. And why does the biological mother claim that these are “horrendous stories” that have only surfaced in the past 14 months?

These things have been happening for years – just go back and look at your old emails. The truth is, you’re scared of your reputation being ruined by someone telling the truth.  I never intended to tell stories, as you always warned me not to lie. But I can still vividly describe the private parts of your husband, and it’s disgusting how you thought it was acceptable for him to repeatedly rape me when I was just a child. Why would someone continue to repeat the same story since I was nine years old? I had to go through therapy to realize that what he did to me was not my fault. In 2022, I had a conversation with my biological mother while we were out eating Mexican food which I paid for. She rode with me and we talked about what Jimmy had done to me as a child. When I told her he had finally admitted to his actions, she said, “I’m so glad he did.” But now, when I write about it, she changes her version and calls it all a lie or a made-up story. My therapist recently asked if my biological mother had accepted responsibility for her role in what happened, but unfortunately, she continues to victim blame and feel guilty without taking ownership of her actions. It wasn’t my fault; I was an innocent child who was labeled a liar and never believed. For many years, I suffered from sexual abuse by her husband and experienced unwanted touching that only adult women could understand. Even now, my husband will confirm that I have always been self-conscious about my body; I don’t undress in front of him and hate being touched in certain ways because it brings back painful memories. This is all documented in my therapist’s reports, as my husband went through therapy with me to understand the root of these issues. This didn’t just happen with my husband to whom I have been married for 33 years it happened with my first husband in 1986. 

The biological mother continues to deny the truth, claiming that these issues would have been brought up earlier if they were true. However, they were brought up earlier and they were very much true. It’s a shame that she has called so many people liars when in fact she is a liar herself. She continues to bring up the false accusation about money, even though she herself is not well-off, living in a modest home and without extravagant possessions. If necessary, I could provide proof of payments made to her through Cash App and PayPal. Additionally, she has had a spending problem since 1992, as evidenced by her bankruptcy issues. Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, she tries to shift the blame onto others. The biological mother would even complain about her daughter going to Walmart with her because she would want the biological mother to buy everything she wanted or she would beg for things until the biological mother gave in and got it for her. I can’t tell you how many times the biological mother complained about her daughter she would say I can’t tell her I was going to eat with you because she would want to come and I didn’t have the extra money to buy her meal and herself. This only further highlights the biological mother’s manipulative nature – pitting her children against each other and playing victim to avoid taking responsibility. Jaime and I have long since seen through her tactics and understand how she operates in manipulating her own children against each other for her own benefit.

The biological mother made a statement about eagerly awaiting for my imaginary attorney to contact her, claiming to have a lot of evidence against me. I had to retain a real attorney due to the constant threats, and blackmailing from the biological mother.    Why well the biological mother has continued to threaten me with trying to come up with a charge of felony claiming that I had messed with her bank accounts when that can’t be further from the truth is why I retained a lawyer because of the false accusation she made telling her bank my information and making claims it was me even went as far as to post it on Facebook. The lawyer checked into the situation and the biological mother told a very big lie about the whole situation about her issues with her bank. The bank told her where the situation occurred because there are TRACERS on EVERY BANK ACCOUNTS that tell where it was hacked or if money is missing so there you go with your LIE you told and trying to ruin my name all because you wanted to make yourself look like a victim shame on you is all I can say. 

Her daughter also made a threat on social media, stating that people would come after me, which prompted me to file a report with the authorities in my county. Despite claims that we are broke, the truth is that I can afford an attorney and will not hesitate to take action if necessary. The biological mother then states that “some folks” enjoy causing trouble by telling lies and trolling, but this statement is ironic considering her daughter has been continuously monitoring my activity online, even going as far as creating fake accounts and using other people’s names. They may have thought they were sly by deactivating their old Facebook account, but all activity is saved for 10 years and can be retrieved through legal means. So please, enough of the lies. It’s sad to see someone at 73 years old still struggling to tell the truth.   

Not to mention the screenshot of the daughter posting about pedophilia imagine that just rolling my eyes on this one. Then Oh and let’s not forget the child you unalived 9/29/1968 yea the one you lied about that you aborted. I was given this paper when I ordered everything for my name change that you lied about all my life! The paper is legal and that was your signature from the hospital.  The screenshot is below my father’s name is listed he is deceased so it doesn’t matter and my name isn’t even legal on this form so I’m not concerned about it either.

The biological mother then goes on to say, “I’m so glad I don’t… I’m told, but I never go look. It’s not important because it’s full of lies, hate, and bitter…” Lies that can be provable? Are you sure you want to make that claim? You call it bitter? But isn’t it just speaking the truth? It seems like you’re the one who is bitter about the truth being exposed. And as for hate, how is it hate when both you and your daughter have publicly posted threats and hate towards me? Please explain that one to me, because your logic seems a bit twisted. And then she says, “Pray for them… Pray hard and a lot for them…” First of all, I don’t want any prayers from someone like you, whose prayers are filled with hate and bitterness. Second, maybe you should take a good look at yourself before preaching to others. You seem to have no problem swearing and threatening others on Facebook, even sending screenshots of you harassing someone in group chats. And let’s not forget how you harass people in public if they’re parked in a fire lane I have those photos you sent me along with the text oh as a matter of fact I did share those on my website if you go look it’s there. But you think you’re above the law. Maybe you should get a degree in law if you’re going to use it against people like this. Our family has faith in God and that’s all that matters. It looks like you should save those prayers for your own situation with your grandson instead of throwing shade at others.

To Be Continued!

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