Back to School with Lysol Daily Cleanser

Back to School with Lysol Daily Cleanser

Back to School with Lysol Daily Cleanser

It is Back to School time, and children and kids will be returning to their various schools and daycares for another session. “Prevention,” they say, “is better than cure;” and as the authority or part of the management of a school or daycare, it is your responsibility to ensure that children under your care are 100% protected from germs and bacteria.

You have to ensure that you maintain the highest level of hygiene and apply the right antimicrobial product on all the areas that kids always go to for one activity on another. Also at home, you should ensure to keep all the surroundings clean and free from germs.

Why Protect Children from Germs and Bacteria?

1. Germs Affect Kids’ Health and Wellness

Viruses and bacteria cause infections that affect the immune cells and overall health of children and babies. To prevent germs and bacteria in school and daycares, Lysol produces high-quality and effective antimicrobial product that offers 100% protection and no aftermath effects.

2. Infections Are Highly Contagious

If germs and bacteria are not prevented where kids are many, they can spread to all the other kids in the school or daycare within five days because the children will have physical contact with one another.

3. Prevent Outbreak of Infections

It is essential to protect the areas that children and babies always play, their food contact surfaces, and the pet areas to prevent kids from contracting the illness-causing viruses and bacteria.

Why Choose Lysol Daily Cleanser?

1. Harmless Content

Most antimicrobial products on the market contain harmful chemicals that can affect the kids. But Lysol Daily Cleanser is made from water, salt, and hypochlorous, which are non-toxic chemicals that is why the product can be used in schools and daycares where children and babies are.

2. 99.9% Protection

Lysol Daily Cleanser kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, providing the perfect protection you need for kids and babies in your school or daycare.

3. Leaves No Harmful Chemical Residue

Most products contain harmful chemicals, which are effective but leave a residue that is dangerous to the health of children and babies. Lysol Daily Cleanser is not toxic and does not leave any harmful residue.

4. 100% Safe

Lysol Daily Cleanser is safe to use in baby areas, on food contact surfaces where you prepare your food, and also in pet areas since pets are also members of the family that children play with.

If you are looking for the best Back to School antimicrobial product for schools and daycares, Lysol Daily Cleanser is your best option. Buy Lysol Daily Cleanser today and keep the kids and babies safe and healthy.

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