Armogear Laser Battle 4 PACK GUNS & VESTS

Armogear Laser Battle 4 PACK GUNS & VESTS3

Searching for the perfect holiday gift for your kids? Are you looking for the Christmas gift that will give your family abundant fun during the holiday? Are you looking for the right gift to give your kids a whole new experience? There is no need to search again; Armogear Laser Battle is the perfect gift you need.

Armogear Laser Battle is the original laser tag game that enables you to transform your backyard or home into a laser tag arena. Made to breathe life into several simulated laser tag games you have played with your family, no other laser tag game on the market has the features packaged into Armogear Laser Battle for explosive fun.

Armogear Laser Battle comes with four pack guns, real target vests, night vision flashlight, invisibility mode, and maximum 150 feet shooting range. What a great way to have fun with your kids!

This product allows up to four players to play the game with different ammunition functions such as a pistol, machine gun, shotgun, and rocket to get rid of enemies and declare victory! The laser blasters come with the perfect ergonomics that allow young kids to have a firm grip. And also to protect kids, the gear uses child safety infrared signal emission of 0.9mW, which is 100% safe for kids.

Armogear Laser Battle produces lifelike shooting sounds and vibrations that create an enhanced experience. This is a perfect gift idea for Christmas, birthday, and holidays when you want to bond with your family and have fun. It is, unarguably, the perfect gift idea to make your kids happy.

Why Buy Armogear Laser Battle?

If you want kids to have the best time during the holiday, engage them Armogear Laser Battle that will take their game experience to the next level. Here are some of the reasons to purchase this product for your kids this holiday.

1. High-quality Blasters and Vests

The product is made with the cutting-edge technology with the blasters and vests being able to shoot and receive hits respectively without any health implications. The blasters and vests are powered by 3 AAA batteries each.

2. Child-Safe Products

The product is made with 100% Child-Safe infrared technology where either the blaster or vest can act as receivers.

3. Durability

This product is designed with kids in mind, and it is made with high-quality and durable materials that can withstand rough handling by kids.

4. Multi-player Option

The game allows four teams to play this exhilarating game and the whole family can participate.

5. Functionality

It has an invisible mode that can turn off your light to prevent your location from being detected easily. There is night vision flashlight to find opponents hiding in the dark and a fantastic 150-foot shooting range

6. Real Action Experience

Armogear Laser Battle replaces the fake on-screen battle simulations. It gives you and your kids hours of real-life battle experience.

Purchasing Armogear Laser Battle is the best decision you can make to give your kids the perfect gift for the holiday. Dazzle your kids and take their game experience to a whole new level!

What an awesome way to spend time with your friends or family by playing Laser Battle. So if you are looking to have loads of fun then head over to Armogear to purchase your very own click HERE!  Also, head over and check out Armogear social media links below.


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