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Cloud Nine Light-Ups and All You Need is Love Bobbi-Toads Shoes-Stickers

Cloud Nine Light-Ups and All You Need is Love Bobbi-Stickers

Bobbi-Toads Cloud Nine Light-Ups and All You Need is Love Bobbi-Toads shoes & Stickers. Recently I received a pair of the Bobbi-Toads shoes for my granddaughter to try out.  Here is how these cute shoes work when the child walks the top of the shoe toenails light up. The flickering lights on the shoes will stop once the shoe isn’t being walked on. I don’t know about anyone else out here in cyberland but I’ve always liked the velcro on shoes for little children it makes things so much easier when they are in school. 

The shoes are very colorful with the rubber around the front of the shoes. You also have the rainbow with clouds on the sides and a toad on the bottom of the shoes.  Also, these shoes came with panda bear nail art stickers.  My granddaughter really likes her shoes and watching the top of the shoes light up when she walks.  You certainly want to hurry over to Bobbi-Toads and purchase a pair or more of these super cute shoes. 

These shoes are easy to keep them clean. I was just on the website and this shoe style was sold out but they have a lot of others that are SUPER NICE to pick from. Make sure to use this code to get 20% off of your purchase along with FREE shipping by using this code LAURALI20.


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