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Children love to try whatever their parents do. They mimic everything their parents do after a closer observation to catch fun and file in their footsteps. Are you a coffee lover and you frothing and making lattes? Are you aware that your little girl or boy wants to make you a tasty cup of coffee while you are busy getting ready for work? That is why you should purchase the CREATIVE CAFE BARISTA BAR, where your children can froth and flavor real milk to create dazzling lattes like a real barista!


Creative Cafe Barista Bar is a portable frothing pitcher designed to make the perfect frothy cappuccino. It is easy to use as it requires little or no supervision. This is going to be a perfect gift you can give your children this Christmas. Give your kids the chance to act the best barista they can be with Creative Cafe Barista Bar.


Step 1: Pour milk into the frothing pitcher and put it into the Barista Bar.

Step 2: Lower the whisk into the milk by pulling the lever.

Step 3: When the milk had been frothed up, pour it over your drink base.

Creative Cafe Barista Bar comes with recipe cards, milk, chocolate or strawberry powder to make a Neapolitan, Strawberry Swirl, or a Mock-iato.


If there is something children can say about Creative Cafe Barista Bar, they will tell you it is really fun. It will be amazing to see your children show how creative they can be in the kitchen whipping up their drinks much like the coffee they have seen their parents order at the local coffee house, but it is not coffee they are making. However, the children will be making something they can drink. They can serve their friends and parents. They also get to follow the recipes packaged with the product and create different types of concoctions with lattes.


The product, Creative Cafe Barista Bar is designed for children from age six and above. However, as parents, you would be a part of this drama as your kids pretend that be Barista running a coffee shop.

The holiday season is here! Give your children a reason to remember this season especially. Purchase Creative Cafe Barista Bar and Creative Cafe Barista Bar Refill Pack to make them happy and express themselves. This could be a way of preparing them to take care of you later. Dazzle your kids and give them a whole new experience.

Buy It: You can find CREATIVE CAFE BARISTA BAR at stores like Target and Walmart. The suggested retail price is $17.99. You can find out more information by using the Rose Art link below.

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Happy Feet Cinderella & Elsa Slippers

Happy Feet Cinderella & Elsa Slippers5

Looking for a great Christmas gift for children? Are you looking for a gift that combines fun with functionality to give your children? Do you want to buy a character gift that your children would love? Do not search any further; Happy Feet Cinderella and Elsa Slippers are the perfect gifts you need.

Christmas is around the corner and so, is winter. Buying Happy Feet slippers as Christmas gift for yourself and your children is the best decision you can make at this period. Cinderella plush figural character slippers and Elsa plush figural character slippers are made with users’ comfort in mind as these slippers will not only give you happy feet but also keep your feet warm during the cold weather.

These slippers are beautifully designed and perfectly made to make your daughter’s feet beautiful and appealing. If there is something to put a smile on your girl’s face, it should be Happy Feet Cinderella and Elsa Slippers. It would be great to gift these plush slippers to your girls with the character of Cinderella and Elsa.

Help keep the kids’ feet warm as they create their own adventure at home with the characters of Cinderella and Elsa on their feet. Give the kids happy feet and make them happy every time they wear the slippers. You cannot be wrong buying these slippers for your children as Christmas gifts.

Why Buy Happy Feet Cinderella and Elsa Plush Slippers?

Happy Feet Cinderella and Elsa plush slippers are unique products made to provide you and your daughters with satisfaction and fun. These products offer a beautiful covering for the feet with the characters of Cinderella and Elsa. Here are some reasons to purchase these slippers.

1. Made With High-quality Materials

These Happy Feet slippers are made with top-of-the-range materials to guarantee excellent products that meet the best standards requirements in any part of the world. Made with 100% polyester, these slippers have one-inch foam rubber for utmost comfort. In a nutshell, these products meet day-to-day use without giving any pain or discomfort.

2. Aesthetic and Functional

These products are beautiful with the images of Cinderella and Elsa’s characters. Besides, the plush slippers are also functional, in that, they keep the feet warm. As Christmas draws closer, you need to get a pair of slippers that can make your feet find warm.

3. Safe

The design of these products is perfect, considering the safety of users. Cinderella and Elsa plush slippers are made with non-skid bottoms to prevent tripping or falling.

Place an order now HERE and give your children happy feet!  Also, head over and checkout Happy Feet’s social media links below.


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Tomorrow will be 18 yrs ago she was murdered by Paula Lewis

My oldest daughter Tiffiany put all the beautiful stuff on Jaime’s grave. Tomorrow will be 18 yrs ago she was murdered by Paula Lewis. I wanted to share some of her memories because she was a pretty awesome sister. As Tiffiany says, Happy Angelversary in Heaven. Love every member of your loving family…

Then my dad committed suicide 4 yrs ago June 27, 2013. I also would like to honor him as well Happy Angelversary to my dad Jimmy A. Tadlock.


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