A Narcissistic Mother Likes Telling Lies To Cover Up The Truth


A Narcissistic Mother Likes Telling Lies To Cover Up The Truth


Well, you guessed it part 3 is on hold because the narcissistic birth mother came to my blog and commented on 3 of the posts. So I will be addressing this because she follows me on social media but has me blocked now she is on my blog posts harassing me here for writing my story of my life and how she has treated my family. The birth mother & the devil’s spawn stalk all of our social media from Facebook to TikTok they report all of our posts day in and day out causing our accounts to be restricted or banned for 19 hrs. The thing I learned about Facebook is they will not censor things that are pertaining to people threatening someone’s life, bullying someone that has a true medical condition, making fun of someone’s husband who committed suicide, and other things. So Facebook is okay with others sharing minor children’s photos when that child isn’t yours or any relationship to that person. See we are having to prove that these minor children aren’t the devil’s spawn children and that she has no business with the minor children on her Facebook.


I want to start this part out with the birth mother doing her calculations on things they OFFERED to pay for to help because my husband has congestive heart failure, COPD and no he never smoked but certainly has been around people that did smoke and brought the horrible smell around him and cause him to have more issues with his breathing. My husband Dwayne is on oxygen 24/7 he use to be a full-time truck driver until one morning in Nov. 2019 our lives changed and so did our income. We had a house payment, car payment, lights, water, car insurance, cellphones, food, etc… This is where I should have listened to my husband and children that the birth mother would hang this over my head forever if I allow them to help well guess what she has done just that YEP throwing it in my face at every turn. When I should’ve seen all the red flags about it because she has done this several times in the past but I was concerned for my husband and I accepted the HELP because it was OFFERED not me asking for it!  The one thing I hate more than anything on this earth is a LIAR that tries to twist what happened.   

This was my 2017 Ford Fusion hybrid I owed $16,899 and had been making all the payments on my car. Then when my husband’s short-term disability kicked in that was only $250 a week and we were struggling we applied for his SSA and VA benefits but those don’t happen overnight. It took 5 months for his SSA to kick in and his VA took a year to get him started good with his benefits. During that time the birth mother asked me if they paid off my car would help and stupidly I allowed it now mind you I had never seen the check they mailed it to the company that had my car financed through.  Then during this time, our 1936 old house had several areas with water leaks and it was causing BLACK MOLD again the birth mother said to find someone and get an estimate on the roof to have a metal roof installed and they would cover that for concerns of my husband’s health. So I found Brunson Roofing in our small area and it was $5,000 they brought the money over and we paid for the roof. My husband and I both asked about making payments to them her words “NO THIS IS TO HELP YOU BECAUSE THEY WERE WORRIED ABOUT THE BLACK MOLD!” 

After the roof was installed things went downhill super fast with the old house the ceilings caved all around us because there was no ventilation in the attic. The people that installed the metal roof didn’t leave the openings for the attic to breathe.  But back to the point they OFFERED to help and again I accepted the offer thinking things were okay and I wouldn’t get this slung in my face well I was SUPER WRONG because she is still slinging it at me and she OFFERED IT but bashing me and saying I ASKED WHEN I DIDN’T! Now onto the comment she left on my blog posts, she goes on to state that she was so glad that I corrected the amount to $23,000 that they just supposedly OFFERED to me and my husband. First of all most parents help their kids to the best they can I know as a adult I have helped all 3 of my children. I told the birth mother and her husband we were very thankful for the help and they would always say that’s what family does they help each other. Well, that couldn’t be farther from the truth with this birth mother if she helps you she has an agenda to use on you in the future to her advantage and to smear your name from one end to the other end. See she burned both my husband and myself in the past and we both didn’t have a good feeling about the help but what else were we to do at that point. I would NEVER do my children like the birth mother has done me! When I give my children things I’m not an Indian giver and ask for things back. When I am a co-buyer on their stuff I don’t throw it in their face what I have done for them because it’s RUDE!  When you HELP family you don’t use it as firepower to gain attention. See that is what the birth mother does she goes and tells people that she talks to at the trash dump, church, neighbors really anyone that will listen to her lies. By the time these people hear her they have told me WOW she is really a looney tune and rude. See back in 1996-1997 the birth mother found a few people I talked to and tried to cause a ripple but it didn’t work because these people knew I wasn’t like that.  Also, this is the birth mother’s pattern she will play victim to all things from All 6 marriages the men would talk about her being a hateful, troublemaker, causing harm to others, and will call the cops, and play total victim she has always done that. Heck, she sued her ex-sister-in-law if that tells you anything. I’m with the ex-sister in law she was right all along about the birth mother. 

The only reason you got stuck with this was because you started calling Carmax being nosy when the payments were being made. You decided to do what you do best stick your nose into something that wasn’t behind. But what did you do you called Carmax and because she had a payment deferred you started fussing claiming she was 2 payments behind and she wasn’t any behind she proved it to you but you kept calling Carmax and here she was the primary on the loan and you were being bossy as HELL to them people like you were the one making the car payments and you weren’t! I want to make something clear the only reason she needed a Co-buyer was that she had another car it wasn’t your income, her credit got her the Jeep. But see what you are telling people is wrong but we all know the facts about it. So after the blow-up about you being nosy and calling and harassing Carmax and accusing my daughter of not making the payments she said SCREW IT I will turn it in.  See my daughter was sick of your back-and-forth crap and you pretty much called her a liar about the payments. I wish I had allowed her to do what she wanted to in the beginning and turn it in because you were a total ASS about that JEEP! I wish I could go back to that day when she brought it here because I would tell her TRUN IT IN because the crap we have had to hear about it is UNREAL! So to the birth mother before you start ADDING balances YOU owe Lacie money it was Billy’s SUV that was traded in on that JEEP $4,000 not to mention the tint $400, money she paid on that Jeep for 12 months so you want to be petty I’m going there with it. You claimed you weren’t smiling please don’t make me put the video up you and the Devil’s Spawn were giggling because she wanted to drive the Jeep but it didn’t have insurance on it so you drove it because you knew if she got stopped you would be in big crap no tag, no bill of sale, no insurance. You talked MAD crap about saying that you had to take on my daughter’s car payment you did that all by yourself being a total ass so the only person to blame is you!  You talk about how YALL got stuck with it well your big mouth caused that. I’m truly sick of hearing you say about all this money we benefited off you all because of everything I have given to you and not to mention that your daughter has stolen from me and not returned. Not to mention all the things yall got from the old house water heater, wood hell Tiffiany had to break one of the wooden folding doors because you kept wanting this and that and we were sick of you asking. Not to mention all the things broken from the move that can’t be replaced. As for the readers that read my blog posts well, they saw your 3 reactions and that is all it took to show how you are. Nothing that I have written has not been lies everything is the truth. The key words you said is “I Don’t Care !! I did what We thought we were Helping Y’all at the time

So this is a photo of me in Colorado if only I could read that mind back then so young and innocent. Listen I don’t ask for no sympathy that would be you begging people to lie about Jailbird and stating he was a good kid and never been into trouble and all that crap. See you talk to people and I have heard you on the phone while you were working and people ask are you okay and you start telling them that he was protecting his family and you start the water fountain and its, not the youth fountain and they hug you and say if you need anything call them and just keep playing that sympathy card and pitty party but in reality, it’s YOUR FAULT where he is. So as I see it you are contacting all these people begging for help and letters from people Jailbird doesn’t even know make that make sense these people have no idea what they have gotten themselves into by signing that letter.   Now onto you stating I should be ashamed of myself for what I’ve been writing. Well, NO birth mother I will never be ashamed of what I have written it is my life story just as you were lying about Oliver yeah got a copy of your writings so what is the difference? You just don’t want that family secret out because you think it makes you look bad well it does because you were never a good mother and still aren’t a good mother because had you been that Jailbird would be working and not committing crimes like MURDER! You have always tried to shut me down about what happened to me and I will never allow you to do that EVER again! Were you there when I was being molested while your husband was on top of me? NO, you weren’t half the time you were either asleep or would be gone somewhere. You NEVER protected me from him and I don’t care what you say Jimmy admitted it after I went through therapy because that was part of the healing I had to forgive him and he had to OWN IT and he did! See you are always trying to be the victim and lie but you didn’t even protect your own child because you didn’t want to believe it happened and you wouldn’t have anywhere to go with 3 children so you allowed it to continue. 

Why would I can what others to see how I look? Because I’m telling my story? Well, you claim I need counseling but you’re the one with the issues because you aren’t telling the whole story about the murderer. I went through several years of counseling and think I have handled you and your crazy children very well. On to this thing you only started doing in May-June 2023 when all this started with the birth mother and devil’s spawn you throughout there, you will keep me in prayers listen I don’t need your fake prayers they are nothing more than EVIL wishes and I certainly wouldn’t say any for you EVER! What I will say is a sarcastic Southern Slang “Bless Your Heart“! The birth mother goes on to say she isn’t perfect and has made mistakes and said she has never denied this but continues to say she has not done most of what I have put on my blog. So the birth mother continues to throw more shade and wanted me to tell how many repos I’ve had well 3 cars 2 the transmission went out and they were Colbalts bad year everyone had issues with them catching on fire with the ignition and a van that we couldn’t keep it out of the shop but you would know nothing about that because we weren’t talking to you with none of the 3 cars but you do what you have to do. The only reason you have never had one is because you have only owned 1 new car and lord that was ragged out pretty fast I saw the photos of that smh.  See you go after people to try and humiliate them because you don’t like the truth when people tell it the way it is. Just like you said about our bankruptcy we filed in 2015 it was a 5-year bankruptcy and we didn’t file Chapter 7 like you did we filed Chapter 13 and repaid our debt. Well, Missy you filed for bankruptcy on January 10, 2001, and it was discharged on August 11, 2006  you filed Chapter 7. 

The birth mother claims I take so much out of context to use against her for my own self-pity HOW? First of all, I’m writing what happened in my life and all the drama that has gone on no different than you did with the book you were going to bash Oliver and his wife with sorta calling the kettle black again aren’t you? See as long as it’s good for you to bash me and my daughters on social media and say truly horrible things worse than we have said in response to all the postings yall have made. Then the next sentence the birth mother says you calling your half-sister terrible names and trying to humiliate her has only shown you hate-filled childishness? Well, I will answer that she started telling my daughter’s off and cussing at them calling them names like she has ALWAYS done please I have so many printouts from the past where this is a pattern with her to call people Fat, Sasquatch, and W****s, B****H, Wales, Not to mention medical conditions she made fun of. These are just a hand full so tell me again how are we humiliating the Devil’s Spawn? Every day she post threats about what she was going to do to us and if we thought my cameras would protect me that the people you know that would come and take care of us wouldn’t care about the cameras and that when I am out and about they will get them then so tell me again what we have done to her other than defending ourselves from her crazy behavior. See we have the screenshot the sheriff saw it and it was considered a threat.  Do you think that was okay? Of course, you do because you were behind all of it with your devil’s spawn. The birth mother goes on to say should she post all the things we have said to her? Well, we don’t care because nothing adds up to what your devil’s spawn said and posted on Facebook bashing all of us and picking on my daughters about personal things yeah and you thought that they would sit there and be well-mannered adults and take a beating from online bashing right and left all day long? What you haven’t realized is my daughters stand up for themselves and don’t take anything off of no one. Yeah, I believe you tell the Devil’s Spawn not to post anything about us like I believe the sky is purple with unicorns. See through your BS about that because all day July 7, 2023, it’s been back-to-back including your posts. But to say we feed off of it like an energy drink I could say the very same thing about you and the Devil’s Spawn because yall come to my blog and comment but see I’m not hiding behind fake accounts and lying and saying we have friends that are going to yall. Then the birth mother states she will never allow the devil to get to her again well she might want to look in that mirror again! Then the birth mother goes into this crazy sentence stating people see it in me and have even told the birth mother how awful we talk and post hmmm sweetheart we don’t have the same circle of friends anymore so you are being delusional as always. The birth mother needs to take her own advice about praying and letting God step in before you are all lost to the devil? Seriously coming from the person that is lying about the Jailbird and the murder hmmm calling that Kettle Black aren’t you? First of all, we believe in God we don’t need you to try and be a preacher when you can’t even be a mother, or parent so I don’t think you should be judging anyone at this point! As for Jaime and Jimmy being mad at me I seriously doubt that but nice try in that jab it didn’t work.

I had someone that said they would actually adopt me today and these two people I trust and would be happy to call my parents. When I say this DOOR is closed it’s closed forever.  Going to check and see what I need to do about getting that process started and what all needs to be done. I will be posting again to follow up on the other two comments on the other posts.



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