A Narcissistic Mother & Her Daughter Telling Lies Random Post

A Narcissistic Mother & Her Daughter Telling Lies Random Post

Well, I was hoping that the drama with the birth mother and the devil’s spawn would’ve stopped but 5 days later she posts another bashing post against me and my daughter. Now mind you we haven’t posted anything negative on my social media until she posted a horrible post about me and my daughter. Here is the screenshot since the devil’s spawn wants to be so famous I’m going to make her famous. The devil’s spawn likes to call others names if you look her up on Facebook in all their posts you will see where she and her mother literally harass others and threaten them not to mention will turn around in the same sentence state they are calling law enforcement on those people. Trust me all you have to do is a search and it will come up some as far back as 2000 to the present time. 


Above is the post that the devil’s spawn wrote after 5 days of nothing she started back up with this. Now I want to explain about the dog issue so nothing is left out. The devil’s spawn and her son stole this chihuahua from someone in Kershaw. This dog was very pregnant and it was stolen from a breeder that had other dogs. But notice she changed it up in the postings. I have photos that show they had that dog the first week of Oct. 2021 because the dog had the puppies on Oct. 9, 2021. According to the devil’s spawn son, he wanted to sell the puppies and he and his mother were going to make money off that mother dog. The whole problem with this picture is 3 puppies were born one ended up dying something wasn’t right with her she was not growing and she was the size of my hand and never grew any bigger but she died. Then you have the solid black and brown puppy she is healthy and with someone that takes her to the vet. But then I have the solid brown puppy that has a very large hole in his heart and other issues but I have a vet record of my dog being taken care of since he was 5 weeks old. But these people lie so bad they continue to change their story right and left. But again the son was really mad that the puppies were given to good homes because he wanted to sell them without vet records, shots, and paperwork on the mother dog pure ignorance. I’m going to post the photos of the mother dog and the puppies. Notice the person the dog is watching out the window yeah the devil’s spawn that stole her.

I have one of the puppies that was part of this litter the dog had. I seriously saved this puppy from a life of abuse from these people. One thing about my dog is he has been taken care of and had all his shots and vet visits so my dog has been very well taken care of. The mother dog hasn’t had any checkups nor shots, rabies shot with a tag showing she is being taken care of. See this dog is being used as a service dog and has no shots, no paperwork, and isn’t registered to be a service dog. I feel really sad for this dog because she truly has a horrible owner. But before you start bashing me you should pay attention to what you say to people because I will bring the facts out. Then the devil’s spawn goes on to say that my dog “Houdini” will be returned to the girl she got her dog from huh? See I’m not sure how you think that will happen considering you stole Ivy she wasn’t given to you and the fact you are scared of her photos being on social media because you and your son, your mother all stated you couldn’t post the photos of her for fear you would get caught. For starters Houdini isn’t going anywhere I have all paperwork he has been my dog since birth so let that sink in. You will never get my dog but nice try.

Listen devil’s spawn I have been to Florida more times than you and it’s the same crap no one is missing anything that’s if you are even there which if you were you would be posting photos that’s how you are so you really aren’t anywhere but in Kershaw lets be real. Let me give you a piece of advice I can afford to do a lot of things because I actually get a paycheck and my husband gets money also so traveling isn’t a problem for him or me. See we have been to many states traveling over the years so there you go. But it is so funny you people think we can’t afford to do anything why is that? Between my husband and myself, we make more than your mother and stepdad together in a month that’s right let that sink in but for some reason, yall are so worried about our finances that it’s weird. Some people think that they can attack people and expect them to take their crap. See when I fight back with proof they start slinging more mud and accusations about things and calling me a liar.  


Something else that bugs me is people to flat-out lie about being involved with a church. I believe in the Good Lord and always have but people like this will definitely test your faith in religion. You know they say that Satan comes in all forms I truly believe that because the birth mother and her devil’s spawn have truly been on it for the last month. No matter how many times you try to avoid it’s always in your face with them posting our names, grandchildren’s photos, and photos of me calling me names there is no way around them. I mean I have had this website since 2012 and neither has ever come here and commented but the birth mother come here and posted 3 nasty comments I refuse to remove them because I want people to see how they are. The birth mother claims to try to act like she is all religious and all but it’s all a show for her jailbird grandson.  See this is the reason I don’t go to church because people like them hide from their true problems or beg the church to back them in a situation like the grandson murdering someone. First of all one of the 10- Commandments is “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. The birth mother has always done this and pushed religion on her children to the point she even went to an upper-scale church in Florence, S.C. pushed all of the children into being Methodist but she was supposedly catholic make that one make sense. Every year the birth mother gave a bible to me. I’m not sure about my sister Jaime but I know I had several as a young child. But when people go online and bash you, call you names, and threaten you they are no CHRISTIAN they are the DEVIL! Its people like them that I call her a bible thumper  The devil’s spawn threaten me if I posted the photos of her dog Ivy that was stolen and proceeded to say “POST HER PHOTO AND TRY ME HEFER” Her words up top in the screenshots.  You continue to dig a deeper hole into this whole situation you think God doesn’t see all the ugliness you do he surely does and also knows you have stolen things not just a dog. 


It’s funny about all the lies that have been said about this Jeep when in reality you don’t have the title nor do you have the primary owner’s signature. See Lacie has already talked to the proper people about this situation. Just like having your daughter state it was shipped to Florida, that’s so laughable with how ignorant that sounded. I mean she fake flew to Florida and people are to believe that you paid $2500 to ship a Jeep to Florida no one bought that lie because you can’t even tag this Jeep. This Jeep is probably locked up in that garage because you are worried that someone would get it but the fact that you don’t own it at all yet is hilarious. What is even more hilarious is the LIES that the birth mother and the devil’s spawn have been spewing several LIES about the Jeep, Trip, and dogs. But these same people call me a LIAR about everything but here they are spreading LIES daily or even hourly. 



I want to make this clear because the birth mother and the devil’s spawn claim I’m jealous of them. First of all, you have nothing I want to be jealous of either of you. Secondly, why would I be jealous when you have a grandson that murdered someone and you are trying to get him out on self-defense like anyone would actually believe that because he was hanging with that boy and his friends. But I will never be jealous of either of you people. You have nothing I want or need so tell me again why I am being told I’m just jealous? I mean I have my own Truck and Van financed in my name with no help from anyone. I have my own house which is in our name with no help. I have my own lawnmower financed with just my name no help. I go shopping when I want to and spend my money. I buy all our needs and supplies with OUR MONEY no help! So tell me again why am I jealous? Do you think I’m jealous of the devil’s spawn? Not likely at all because she is certainly nothing for me to be jealous of considering that she was a bad mother to not one child but two children. The first child the birth mother claimed that the devil’s spawn when she was in the hospital that they tried to take her son and sell him that is what my birth mother stated but from what I had heard she wasn’t feeding him correctly and I won’t go into to the details but my stepfather had told me the story of also of what happened but my birth mother’s story was way more fetched claiming the doctor was trying to sell a blonde hair blue eyed baby boy and she caught them. Those were my birth mother’s words. She was charged with abuse/neglect of the second child. But this same devil’s spawn worked at a strip club but thinks I’m jealous of her WHY!? 

Now onto the devil’s spawn likes to tell things she has no idea about but to state I was in the back of a cop car that I have never been in but she seems to throw shade but I have NEVER been in a cop car for any reason! But the funny part about that is the devil’s spawn has been in the back of a cop car for shoplifting, child abuse/neglect you were arrested. So it’s funny you throw shade at others about being in the back of a cop car. It’s funny how you try and cover things up but listen court records are online they don’t LIE about what you did about dates and events. So before you start throwing shade at others you should clean up around your own doorsteps. See I raised my children and was never in trouble with the law. So stop saying I’m jealous of what you have or do. As for things that were given to me yeah they are in the trash we don’t want anything from yall. As for my dog that I have vet records from the time he was 5 weeks old nice try coming at me about taking him because you will deal with law enforcement plain and simple you will be arrested if you come anywhere near me or my home. Just remember law enforcement now has your information with all the postings of threatening my life so you Missy are the prime suspect they are coming to if something happens here or to me. This is not a threat this is letting you know what law enforcement told me and gave me the paperwork with the report number, date, and time and noted what the posting stated he read it and even read the one where you edited it so yeah he saw both. But I’m sure they think there isn’t a report so I’m posting that here so it can be seen along with the night she made threats. 


Well, I will post again Tuesday I won’t say the time because it makes one wonder what I’m posting about.

So keep being fake and telling lies they will catch up with you sooner than you think!

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