A Narcissistic Mother & Her Daughter Telling Lies

A Narcissistic Mother & Her Daughter Telling Lies


So here we go again with the birth mother she posted on Facebook it was ridiculous what she said about me and definitely still lying like always. I want to explain something to people about the birth mother if she ever helps you will fall victim to her if she doesn’t get her way with what she wants you to do even if it is illegal. The birth mother has always been one to change her stories when she is doing shady things or lying. Just like when we lived behind her she had a bad spending habit and got a lot of credit cards and loans that she claimed were for the devil’s spawn to pay for her kidney surgery. When the devil’s spawn had the surgery the birth mother would lie and say she was using money to pay for my children, food, clothing, and bills, and in reality, she wasn’t doing that she would buy the girls an outfit maybe 1 a piece but nothing like she claims she has done but again it was a cover-up for all the money she was blowing and lying about! It gets old about the MONEY LYING thing I mean in 10 years you and your husband offered to pay for a few things and that was 4 years ago. I mean I should’ve listened to my husband and daughters about not accepting the help from you and your husband because my family reminded me that you would do this and I said no she won’t she was a changed person but BOY was I wrong the skunk didn’t change her smell at all!!   Since that time I have not asked you for NO MONEY OR AS YOU SAY HANDOUTS for me or my girls I asked you for your grandson that belongs to Jaime whom you loved so much but refused 2 times to help him with $200 each time! You claimed that the jailbird grandson that is up for murder needed the money before the grandson that hasn’t been in trouble because he was raised with morals unlike the one you raised that has been a problem the whole time since you moved to Kershaw.  I’m still very confused about what you said about HANDOUTS? What HANDOUTS have you given? What about all the stuff I have given to all of you over there since we started talking in July 2013. See you make it like it was a oneway alley and that isn’t true at all. I’m going to post them here because I want people to see this. The birth mother claims that she has had to contend with all the hateful lies and demeaning things that I post that are the truth but she claims I’m lying. But they post horrible things about me and my daughters including some of the worse name calling and not to mention the threats they have put on my life and me having to have a deputy come out and read the posts even to the point that the devil’s spawn went in and edited the post but what she doesn’t realize you can see how many times that post has been edited and what was put in and taken out on Facebook. So it doesn’t matter how many times you try and remove something it still shows the truth. Just like the screenshots below the birth mother wrote she edited it 9 times and added my dog photo to this post on the 8th time.  It just is really insane that this person that is 72 years old is still the same as she was in her 30s, 40s, 50s, 60″s she will never change and I should’ve realized that before I allowed her to have involvement with my family. But she will never have any involvement with my children or my grandchildren didn’t like the birth mother and the devil’s spawn anyway they have voiced it many times. Even my grandchildren were feeling it and questioned about those people.   




It’s funny you throw that Jeep into every post you put about me. That Jeep was between you and Lacie and you were too scared to talk to her about it so you sent all the messages to me when you should have been communicating with her as she is the PRIMARY OWNER of the Jeep. Look no one twisted your hand and made you co-sign you did that on your own FREE WILL but playing victim to the fact you showed out because you didn’t want Lacie to turn the Jeep in because that would hurt your credit and you had to have credit to get bond for the Jailbird so the deal was to do the paperwork and that way Lacie could sign the paperwork and the Jeep would be transferred but see you didn’t do none of that!   You have posted so many times about that Jeep jabbing at both Lacie and me but what you failed to remember is Billy’s Tahoe was traded in plus all the payments she made and insurance she paid not to include the $450 window tint she put on it so you sure are fussing a lot. See I remember the blue Monte Carlo that you and “O” got the loan for Dwayne to make the payments on it and then when he had to stop Denise from threatening to slap me she took the car back even though he was making the payments. See this is how she is when she doesn’t get her way with things she does shady stuff. So she told Dwayne to put the keys in the glove box and lock the car so he did and then she claimed that we did that on purpose and that they didn’t have the other set of keys and she did but made a big show where we lived and people were watching her act like the nut case she is. See Denise tries to make herself look all glorified about everything and she is far from being glorified she is definitely not a nice person to deal with because it will backfire on you if she helps you in any way. She has always used what she has done as far back as when she had me and called me a horrible child and stated I was so bad that my own grandparents couldn’t stand me when I was a little girl 2-4 years old. Shame on her that isn’t what I heard all my life and my grandparents certainly never said that to me! 

To the birth mother you have said so much between the lies and making things up it’s truly sad. You claim that I’m hateful I mean but you conveniently forget yall post hateful and mean things way before we ever did. You and the devil’s spawn posted about my deceased son-in-law and continue to do so knowing that one day my granddaughter will learn or see this and you don’t think that wasn’t MEAN AND HATEFUL? One thing about my son-in-law was he was about his whole family when people would attack them and he definitely didn’t like yall he even said it was a bad move to talk to yall. All yall do is use my son-in-law’s death against my daughter WHY? Is that what so-called CHRISTIANS DO? If I was trying to live right and going to church I wouldn’t be posting all the things you both post and talk crap about and JUDGING OTHERS see you have already messed up for trying to live by the Lord/God. You truly don’t know how anymore because you both are sinners and have committed many things that I’m sure the Lord/God will have questions for you. You were a horrible mother to all your children. You gave your sons up ages 11 months and 2 years old yeah you gave them to their father and left them what kinda mother does that? You claimed it was for you to go to college but whatever there isn’t anything in this world that would have made me leave my children PERIOD! I believe you all but destroyed Jason because every time you went into his life that poor child had to take another heartbreak from you. Even as an adult, he was still begging for your love and attention and you still failed him. You should’ve never been involved in their lives because you destroy everything you come in contact with including your children! Thank goodness my other brother didn’t get tied up in your web of lies and stayed away from you. He has a mother that raised him well and has always been there for him and Jason and didn’t fail them or set them up for disappointments as you did to them. Do you think sending toys and gifts to them covered what they really needed from the birth mother who just walked away from them? I mean all you did for me and Jaime was make our lives hell when the situation didn’t fit what you wanted. I mean Jaime would come down from Boone, N.C. whose house was she at? Mine because you always judged her and she even talked about how you would make her feel bad about how she was living and what she needed to do. You have always tried to control all of our lives. See Jaime and I had many talks about you and the fact that you NEVER showed that you loved any of us speaks volumes. I never remember growing up and hearing you say you love us or hug us but then when we brought it to your attention when we were adults then you claimed it was because you weren’t hugged as a child. That’s not a good enough excuse because you had 5 children and you mean to tell me you have never bonded with any of them oh yeah you bonded with the Devil’s spawn that’s it! When I was pregnant with my children I bonded with both my girls and loved them and hugged them and told them I loved them see I broke that cycle because you choose not to. I still tell my girls I love them and hug them they know they are loved something I didn’t get as a child! You claim all this about buying toys, trips, and pageants that I freaking hated but you wanted me in them for your own benefit of being able to keep Jaime in them. You didn’t care about my feelings about the pageants. It was always about you and how you could stand out with things like this.  I’m pretty sure your preacher doesn’t see how you are and that devil’s spawn but again it’s all a front show to help the jailbird it has nothing to do with trying to live right by the Lord/GOD.  Here is proof that the devil’s spawn does shady things she contacted a friend of mine that commented on my post about asking about Christians and do they do these kinds of things luckily my friend’s husband is in law enforcement and she nor he plays with this kind of behavior. So keep on sending people messages you will end up where your son is in jail because people don’t play this mess.


This is a pattern that you do with all the men you are with and how you have done me my WHOLE LIFE but uses photos you show oh see she was a happy child see what I done for her and look how she is doing me REALLY? In most of those photos, I was being sexually abused and you couldn’t care less as long as you were doing what you wanted to do. The thing about you will have to answer to the higher power when asked why you allowed that to continue and still to this day victim shaming me with it. You use it to show people oh that didn’t happen and it very much did happen for YEARS and you ALLOWED IT! But the thing about it is I only needed Jimmy’s apology and he gave that to me and I told you about it but you continue to claim it never happened WERE YOU IN THERE? NO! WAS HE ON TOP OF YOU? NO! Your men have always come before your children all your children. 


I believe you have me mistaken for that devil’s spawn and her son with all that money handouts because there have been NO MONEY HANDOUTS HERE AT ALL! I’m yelling it because YOU ARE A LIAR you are covering up your spending and you had to say it was about me once again this is what you have done in the past you told “O” the very same thing and he would be so mad at us and we couldn’t figure it out if we come home with happy meal or stuff from the store he was pissed thinking we were blowing his money all while you were telling him you were paying our bills which you weren’t and buying the kids school clothes which one outfit a piece I would hardly call buying that school clothes and then telling “O” that you were having to buy groceries because we didn’t have any money and when that lie was exposed then you had to kick us off the property because your lies had caught up with you and you were caught red-handed. Hell “O” and I have talked about it and he even said yep she run credit cards up and was blaming yall for the money issues. See you forget I know how you work and how sneaky and shady you are when you want to hide something from those men you throw me under that bus and swear it was all because of me. I want to get something straight with you because I have had it with that STOPPED THE MONEY CRAP I haven’t taken any money from you since the 2nd year we were in the new home and you refinanced your house because you claimed your words your husband had gotten all those credit cards and run yall into debt again so you refinanced the house and had money left over and gave us $100 and said the $1,000 on that $5,000 loan I have been paying $200.00 a month on the remaining $1,000 was paid with the refinancing and we offered to continue to pay it you and your husband said no its paid in full MERRY CHRISTMAS!  You call yourself a Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother You are nothing to my children and my grandchildren so they have learned what you are and how you work. Heck, neither liked Devil’s Spawn because the children even said she smelled so bad and begged all of us to tell her to not hug them because she smelled so bad.  I mean you have even complained and sent photos of how nasty she was peeing in a bucket and pooping in a bucket in her room and how the sheets were so nasty but you the birth mother shared those photos of Devil’s Spawn’s nasty room. As a matter of fact, I have been uploading all the messages and photos you sent me from 2019-2023 to show proof. Also, interesting the voicemail of my brother I have too. More to come.

Even back in the day when I wasn’t talking to her, she followed me. These were taken with a camera not a cellphone. 



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